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Hey guys!

My name is Djuna Bel. I'm a wardrobe stylist and health and beauty enthusiast living in Los Angeles. 

Today, I am sharing my morning tea routine. It's hardly a 'tea ceremony' of the ancient tradition, but a ritual of its own, nonetheless. 

I gave up coffee a few years ago, and by ‘gave up,’ I mean don't drink it religiously in the morning, but when I want one I have one ;). If I still need a little caffeine pick me up I make the following for myself:


Djuna's 'Naturally Caffeinated' Tea Tonic (Check the video below!)


As for my vitamin routine, I usually switch it up, but my morning, 'no fail' supplements are always: 



I often also add a tablespoon of Flouradix for iron since I was anemic as a kid and I can usually feel when I need a little boost.  Plus, the taste is super nostalgic, so it gives me a warm sense of comfort.  A bit like Proust and the Madeleine ;)


Well, that concludes our segment on the ritual of the morning tea. Please feel free to comment with anything you're curious about or dying to try. I'm happy to be a Guinea pig!

I'm also curious about what products, treatments, healers, etc... YOU'RE all raving about.

Thanks for watching!!

Djuna xx


Meet Djuna Bel! from Sakara Life on Vimeo.

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