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With Sarah Larson Levey, Founder + CEO of Y7 Studio

As the founder and CEO of Y7 Studio, author, 200 HR RYT, and certified health coach, Sarah Larson Levey is a mama on the move. Now expecting her second child, Larson Levey is incorporating The Foundation: Prenatal—our science-backed, super convenient, curated daily supplement packs—into her bustling routine to support her during every stage of her pregnancy. 

Read on for Larson Levey’s experience nourishing her body (and nurturing new life). 



After One Week

“This pregnancy, I was definitely struggling with regular bowel movements and I’m happy to report that that is no longer an issue. I’m back to regularly scheduled programming, which feels SO GOOD. Before The Foundation: Prenatal, I was only going twice a week.” 


After Two Weeks

“My energy levels are definitely higher and I generally feel more supported with Foundation: Prenatal. The 4-5 p.m. slump that always hit me is now gone. I’m able to have a full day without feeling drained or wishing for that second cup of coffee. 

Before switching to The Foundation: Prenatal, I truly couldn’t believe I thought I was going to get all the nutrients I needed from just two pills. This specific combination feels like it was made for me. It fuels my pregnancy in every sense of the word.” 


After Three Weeks

“Less bloat. Throughout this pregnancy, I was noticing how bloated my face, hands, and feet specifically felt. This week, I noticed that my face looked slimmer and my rings and jewelry were fitting more comfortably.” 


After One Month

“General happiness. Everything I’ve experienced in the last four weeks has left me feeling supported, nourished, and happy with my ever changing body. Pregnancy has never been easy for me and to feel at home in my body is something that I deeply cherish. The Foundation: Prenatal brought me back to that.”


Sarah’s Final Takeaways

“This pregnancy has had its share of complications compared to my first. I am two years older and in general have had some more monitoring that needs to be done throughout. Since starting the Foundation: Prenatal and feeling the difference physically, I have felt more confident in my body and trusting it knowing that I am giving it every advantage I can. I would recommend The Foundation: Prenatal to literally everyone who is expecting. I wish I would have started from the moment we started trying!” 


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