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For professional basketball players, games start long before they hit the court. Achieving peak performance hinges on a myriad of rituals to fuel their limbs, recovery, mental sharpness, and reaction time. And at the center of it all, for five in particular—hailing from the New York Knicks, Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors, and Orlando Magic—is plant-rich nutrition

Below, our conversation with these plant-powered NBA players about how they fuel their success.


How does plant-based eating optimize your wellness and performance, on and off the court? 

“I prioritize my wellness by making sure I get a lot of rest in between games, and also by making sure I’m eating right so that I can continue to play at a high level. Plant-based eating optimizes my performance on the court … making sure I’m in good shape and able to perform for my team. Off the court, it helps so I don’t catch those cramps and keeps my body right.” —Cameron Payne, Phoenix Suns

“I prioritize my wellness by making sure I am healthy both mentally and physically. Plant-based eating helps with this by giving me the nutrition I need to do things on and off the court whether it's in workouts, practice, games, or even when relaxing at home.” —Jericho Sims, New York Knicks


Did you notice a difference in your day-to-day, particularly in your performance, while on Sakara? 

“[Sakara] gives me a lot of fuel and energy for workouts. I definitely notice the difference in my performance. I’m able to workout with high intensity for a longer period of time with the help of the meals and products.” —Donte DiVincenzo, Golden State Warriors

“I love the products. I feel good and energized from eating them, they help me play for longer periods of time, and will help with the longevity of my career.” —Franz Wagner, Orlando Magic

“​[Sakara] improves my focus, gives me energy before and after workouts, and helps with my mind as well. I definitely noticed that I have more energy.” —Jericho Sims, New York Knicks


What surprised you about Sakara?

“How great it has been for my body. It’s one of those things that you start and you can’t stop because of the amazing benefits it brings to your health. I noticed that I have high energy throughout the day and I don’t feel sluggish at all.” —Moritz (Moe) Wagner, Orlando Magic

“A big surprise about Sakara is the taste of these plant based foods. They’re amazing!” —Franz Wagner, Orlando Magic

“Past plant-based foods didn’t really have much taste to them, but Sakara’s meals have great taste.” —Donte DiVincenzo, Golden State Warriors

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