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On a recent June evening, as the magic hour bathed Manhattan in its golden light, attendees of a dinner party on Park Avenue were similarly aglow. At least one likely source of their radiance? Herbal tinctures created by culinary mastermind (and Sakara’s first Artist in Residence), Chef Mike Bagale. To complement a menu of endive leaves backlit by technicolor strobes, plant burgers with blue (!) buns, and adaptogenic herbs, Chef Mike created a trio of curative blends with which to infuse carbonated oolong tea. Each tonic embodied one of the three doshas, or bodily constitutions, in the ancient healing practice of Ayurveda: fiery pitta, airy vata, and grounded kapha. Fortified with superfood ingredients like cleansing chlorophyll, vitamin C-rich pitaya, and anti-inflammatory turmeric, these inspired recipes exist squarely at the intersection of science and spirit. 

Now, we offer these ambitious recipes to you, for a dinner party where your desire is to both heal and dazzle your guests. They’ll also come in handy any time you’re chasing high-vibrational health; make a mason jar full of one—or all three—and take a drinkable booster shot as part of your morning ritual. Stored in the fridge, these elixirs can be kept for months, enabling you to recreate Chef Mike’s Michelin-starred energy in your home. Or, of course, have it delivered


(Yield for 20 doses)



BLUE for DETOX (makes 8oz cup for 20) 

¾ cup macqui berry or acai powder

½ cup blue spirulina

1 bottle Sakara Detox Water Drops

¼ cup water to thin



PINK for BEAUTY + SKIN (makes 8oz cup for 20) 

¼ cup hibiscus powder

¼ cup pitaya powder

½ cup strawberry powder (or 8 macerated organic strawberries)

3 tablespoons pearl powder

3 tablespoons rose water

1 bottle Sakara Beauty Water Drops

¼ cup water to thin



YELLOW for IMMUNITY  (makes 8oz cup for 20)

¼ cup mango juice

1 tsp ginger juice

½ tsp cinnamon

½ tsp turmeric 

4 spoonfuls manuka honey

Generous pinch of cayenne (to taste)

¼ cup vitamin C powder

Sakara Complete Probiotic Formula capsules, opened (4)

¼  cup water to thin




  1. Whisk the “blue” powders together in a small bowl. Then, add in the Detox Water Drops, whisking and adding liquid until dissolved. Repeat step for “pink” and “yellow” drops, in Beauty Water Drops and ginger + mango juice, respectively.
  2.  To create your infusion, squeeze the dropper in your base to suction the hued liquid into the dropper. Or, if storing in large batches, pour in small mason jar and tighten with lid.
  3. Separately, in a glass, pour the beverage of choice. 
  4. Slowly and with intention, use the dropper of one color to swirl and electrify your beverage. Choose your own adventure, whether it be hot tea, carbonated iced tea, or an adaptogenic and medicinal mocktail. If the mood strikes, add 1 shot of small-batch mezcal. Important to note that these are quite potent and we don’t recommend tasting plainly. 
  5. Enjoy!
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