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Ahhhh, summer. What’s not to love about an entire season that evokes the carefree style and spirit of vacation? Whether your milieu is a coastal retreat or your own rooftop on a rare Summer Friday, you can tap into the season’s state of mind: easy, blissful, sensual, free.

So, do you aim to squeeze every last drop of out of summer, or simply make it through these sweaty, sultry months without melting? Either way, allow us to guide you. What to expect: beloved products, tried-and-true home remedies, crucial nutrients, and rituals to make the most of those extra hours of sunlight.

Summer Skin Saviors: HQ Hit List

When the season's swelter is at its peak, how does the Sakara team keep our skin's glow intact? While we can attribute most of the radiance from what's going on our plate, we still have some tried and true products that keep our faces fresh and our makeup unmelted. Here are the standout beauty picks to ring out the rest of the summer:

The Exfoliator that Brings the Beach Indoors

I am generally dubious of a body scrub. They're often gloppy, messy, and don’t ever seem to have a lasting effect on the skin. So, a lot more trouble then they’re worth. When a friend gave me this C & The Moon Malibu Made Body Scrub, I smiled politely and figured it would look nice in my shower. But one week in early spring, when I was feeling particularly dry and flaky, I tried it and became a convert. The blend of coconut, almond with jojoba oils pleased the hippie chick in me but what really took it to another level was the dose of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). Stepping out of the shower, my skin felt like a toddler’s and my entire bathroom smelled like a day at the beach on Kauai. The pesky bumps (aka Keratosis pillars) on my upper arm also seemed to disappear down the drain along with the rich, vanilla-scented granules. Now, I forgo body oil and use this instead.” - Kerstin C., Editorial Consultant

The Vacation in a Bottle 

“A typical sun-worshipper, this summer I decided to try out a new approach for a warm-weather glow with significantly less UV rays: enter, sunless tanner. I've never had much luck with these products in the past, leaving me either too streaky or too orange. But I've completely changed my opinion on them from this Beauty by Earth Organic Self Tanner. I simply slather on before bed and by morning, I'm a glowing goddess that just got back from Mykonos minus the hangover. I'm still not sure how, in 6 short hours, a bottle of thick white lotion makes me look like I've been sitting under the magical Mediterranean sun, but I sure am here for it. Pro tip: always use a glove, and dilute the tanner with non-oil based lotion to make sure it all comes out even.” - Erica S., Sales & Partnerships Manager

The Cleanser that Combats Redness

“When there’s an item at CAP Beauty that perpetually flies off shelves, I take note. Anything with the 70s hippie packaging, I also gravitate towards with abandon. So, imagine my joy when I happened to come into the shop as they were restocking the cult-favorite, Living Libations Best Skin Ever Cleanser in Seabuckthorn. My particular skin concern is that I’m in a vicious cycle of rosacea and dryness (dry skin exacerbating the rosacea, the rosacea is drying, etc.) so this was recommended to me. Sea buckthorn’s particular super power is that it contains over 190 bioactive compounds, including omega 3 and 9 fatty acids to cool inflammation and hydrate deeply. It’s been a real treat to use: it feels luxurious, smells citrusy thanks to the vetiver and grapefruit, and is an expert at soothing with lavender. I’m really into it, plus the liquid itself is the color of sunshine so it’s a joyful sensorial experience start to finish.” - Hannah S., Associate Editor 

The Serum that Makes You Look Well Rested

“I love everything from Living Libations, but currently The Rose Glow Serum is my summer go-to skin care product. It was introduced to me by my facialist Danna from Noy Skincare, and I use it along with my gua sha to complete my morning or night time routine. The rose is extremely hydrating and smells amazing, plus it really does make my skin GLOW…especially if I’m feeling a bit dull after lack of sleep. Whether I’m using it with a gua sha or massaging directly into my skin before bed, a little goes a long way, so this serum will keep your summer glow long after summer is over.” - Lianna T., Creative Director

The Midday Spritz You Need On Your Desk

“Running from air conditioning to the steamy streets of Soho can leave my skin feeling really dry and confused. I first heard about Beauty Shamans products from Lianna who I trust with all my skin questions, and she turned me on to the Mermaid Face spray which has helped hydrate my skin to combat the super cold/ super muggy temperatures summer brings on. As a devoted drinker of our Beauty Water drops, this is basically the same idea, but topically: with a rich blend of algae, white tea, and plankton, the minerals hydrate your cells on a deeper level. I spritz all day long and my skin feels glowy.” - Erin C., Senior Designer

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