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Melted ice cream on the pavement, expertly flicked cat eyes completely smudged under the sun, skin sticky like you spent the afternoon at Higher Dose when you've merely stepped out of your apartment: summer has arrived in full force. But remember we wished for this when the forecast was grey, bleak and unendingly sad! And our office, full of veteran New Yorkers, new transplants, and a few somewhere in between, have developed their own tricks to look polished + feel fresh, even when the temperature is a scorcher. 

So, we asked around Sakara HQ: How do you beat the heat?



"At the end of every shower, I'll turn the shower to freezing for 30 seconds, up to a minute. Studies show that it's great for strengthening your mitochondria, healing the lymphatic system and helps so I'm not already sweating when I'm putting my outfit together and makeup on." -Taylor, Ecomm Operations Manager



"A MatchaBar stop on my walk to work never hurts either! Their coconut matcha, made with a coconut water base, is a little escape from the steamy Soho streets."- Chloe, Summer Intern



"As far as workouts - I would way rather run outside than on a treadmill, but unless I'm up early enough, I know that my body can't take the heat for a long run outside. But if I do venture out, I keep a gel eye-mask in the freezer...works like a charm to cool me down after. Added bonus for reducing any puffiness! I'm a fan of skipping hair washes year-round, but I find that this practice helps to keep frizz at bay during the insane humidity that is NYC summer!" - Nicolette, Senior Associate of Client Experience



"Japanese sunscreen (Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ is my ride or die) and Mario Badescu rosewater and aloe spray, stored in the fridge. Also, seltzer. So much seltzer." - Kirby, Senior Manager Content + Creative



"I adopted this trick from Kirby, but take peppermint essential oil and rub it on the back of your neck, behind your ears, and on your wrists — and I PROMISE it does the trick to keep you cool." - Olivia, Social Media Manager



"While I normally like to exercise outside when the weather is nice (walks in Central Park are my favorite!), I have been using the Melissa Wood Health online workouts when the temps have just been too hot to go outside. They are quick but effective and I always feel so strong when I finish." - Sarah, Client Experience Manager



"I have yet to try Cryotherapy but I heard it's amazing for the pitta season! I'll go on one of the scorcher days. Other than that I keep to high waisted linen pants and a crop top!" -Lianna, Creative Director



"I wear dresses almost every single day, and loose ones at that. And try not to overdo it on the salt either because I swell enough with the heat that the salt makes it 10x worse and I cant get my rings off, let alone my shoes lol." - Meagan, Senior Marketing Manager



"When it's really hot, I crank the AC, sit on my couch and drink Vinho Verde with bountiful ice cubes." - Amanda, VP of Press + Partnerships



"I like to eat tons of hydrating fruits and veggies like oranges, apples, melon, cucumber, anything light!" - Christina, Client Experience



"In my day bag, I keep a pouch of many tools to smell dreamy despite the sweaty reality all around me. I always have Dedcool perfume, Everyday oil, Lavalin clean deodorant, Beauty Concentrates to add to my water to incentivize ample hydration, and Betaine HCL tablets for optimal digestion, whether vegan ice cream, rose, or amazing tacos are on the agenda for after work." - Hannah, Editorial/Press + Partnerships



"I start my day by using a jade facial roller as it helps me de-puff and wake up, then I drink a glass of water with lemon and ginger, followed by a morning workout (yoga or boxing ). Throughout the day I use lavender body mist to stay cool and calm, and I always have my glass water bottle filled with water to stay hydrated!" -Shannon, Summer Intern


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