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Right before the hot sultry days of summer unfolded, we spent some time in Los Angeles—taking dips in the pool, sunbathing with plant-rich libations in hand, and chatting with two creatives who embody summer's essence—Jordan Rebello and Kamaryn Potter. These multi-hyphenate talents shared in our fervor for the season, and had plenty of ideas on how to squeeze the most juice out of summer.

Read on for their trusted beauty rituals, beach bag essentials, and the evocative tastes, smells, and sounds they're most grateful for. 



Astro chart: Cancer sun, Libra moon, Leo rising 

Day job: Mama first! Second, I'm a model and actor for brands. Thirdly, I see myself as an artist, always bringing my creative juices wherever I go. 

Summer vibe: Hot Mom Summer—school's out, and road trips are on the horizon. It’s been one hell of year and I’m feeling excited for some river swims and BBQs.

How does summer awaken your senses? I smell watermelon and mint, I see sunshine, I taste roasted corn, and my summer 2021 texture is grainy sand. 

Summer soundtrack: 

"Everybody Loves the Sunshine"—Roy Ayers


"Sunshower"—Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band 

Rituals + beauty practices: I’m a big fan of Everyday Oil. It cleans my skin and leaves me feeling fresh-faced. Then, I add a little protection—I love the LA Roche Posay sunscreen. And if I can get in a 45 minute yoga session, I'm thankful! 

Go-to cocktail: skinny Paloma and a mint Mojito. Refreshing! 

In your beach bag? A swimsuit, lip balm by Poppy and Pout, soda water, fruit, Seaesta Surf beach towel, and a Sakara Beauty Bar. I'm also a big fan of the Detox Water Drops and the Signature Meal Program; nothing beats eating clean and looking good while doing it.


KAMARYN POTTER, @kamstarjamstar

Astro chart: Sag sun, Sag moon, Aries rising (triple fire!!) 

Day job: I do things. But more specifically, I’m an art/brand director and also have a line of candles called Hlcyn Hotel inspired by images, memories, music, fantasies, and a hotel I made up in my imagination.  

Your summer spirit: Like an Aphrodite-esque mermaid flowing all over Sunset Boulevard.  

What does summer feel like, taste like, smell like? Wet hair, wet skin. Coconuts, limes, and night-blooming jasmine. Sparkly water, salty skin, and window breezes that make the curtains dance.  

A guilty pleasure is the smell of a cigarette outside after dinner and right before dessert. That would be a fun scent to make. Someone else’s cigarette though—I don’t smoke, that’s gross. 

What's an especially treasured summer memory? Laying on the rocks in Deiá alone with my mom's old camera on my only day off during a very hot, ten-day shoot in Mallorca. And then traveling back to the city to have dinner with my best friend. 

Practices + rituals this season?  I love Kyle Miller Yoga mornings. I always do salty baths year-round, and I'll switch up essential oils depending on the season. I use Bio-Oil after dry brushing and cold shower, and use lotion on top of oil all over my body. And when you’re feeling extra fluffy on a hot day I swear by LURE Essentials cupping system. I also go do lymphatic drainage and sauna at Tonic Wellness Boutique. 

Go-to cocktail: I don't have one, but when I lived In New York the only thing I ever wanted was this fresh, cold watermelon juice from the corner of Canal and East Broadway. It was hot day summer medicine.

Beach-bag essentials: 



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