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We present our gift guide series, each focused on a different area of life to nurture and celebrate— whether it be tending to home, discovering ways to “play dirty,” or focusing on self-exploration. Allow these gifts to shift and unlock something new for the recipients: adventure, joy, empowerment, energy, freedom. 

Come back each week, explore, and find your flavor of love to share. 





Every Mother Counts
We’re committed to celebrating and protecting the divine feminine—we do this through crafting nutrient-dense meals and safe supplements that support a mama’s journey from fertility to postpartum, and we also are proud to support organizations like Every Mother Counts. Their powerful work improves access to quality, respectful, anti-racist, and equitable maternity care to improve maternal health outcomes—making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere.


Lunch On Me

Food waste and food insecurity are both national crises, but this non-profit works to connect the dots. Their mission? End starvation by redistributing organic food that would otherwise go to waste, to communities experiencing homelessness. Other initiatives include yoga classes and community building activities for women and youth. Repurpose a little gratitude yourself and gift a donation. 


Something Special Subscription

Creative director and activist, Aurora James, founded Brother Vellies with the goal of preserving the magic of traditional African craftsmanship while sustaining artisanal jobs and strengthening emerging economies. While her gorgeous line of shoes, handbags, and accessories have flourished doing just that, she’s also built out a monthly subscription to champion artisans who make handcrafted, small items around the world. Each month is a surprise to the recipient; whether it’s a handmade, Oaxacan mug or a hand-carved hair pick from Kenya, you’ll receive something in the mail that supports cultural preservation, sustainability, and true luxury. James calls it a beautiful, “tiny act of rebellion.”


The Loveland Foundation

We are far beyond just our physical body; our mental and energetic well-beings are expansive, and carry information from generations past. With this in mind, The Loveland Foundation provides access to therapy sessions and mental counseling for Black and Brown women. Their culturally competent expertise lends itself to unpacking intergenerational trauma, while other comprehensive healing initiatives work to change the scope of a person’s self-concept and wellbeing.  


Lead To Life

By using alchemy to create regeneration, this powerful collective of queer artists, healers, and people of the African diaspora are physically transforming guns and turning them into a bridge for change—shovels to rekindle the love for Earth. They host ceremonies, community gatherings, and organize practices that support Black families affected by gun violence and environmental racism. 

Fashion Kind Sustainable Jackets

Fashion Kind founder, Nina Farran understood the growing importance of being a hyper-conscious consumer yet enjoying luxurious, beautiful things which is why she launched her one-of-a-kind e-commerce site. Shop by impact—sustainable materials, women’s empowerment, or all-vegan—to support causes that align with your values. We’re partial to the fringe jackets by DanCassB, handmade in Mexico using 100 percent sustainable and ethically-sourced leather and vegetable-dyes.




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