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Ashley, Jenn and Kristie, also known as the Streicher sisters, aren't casually interested in beauty: these powerhouse women tapped into their artistic talents, dedicated years to their craft, learned from the best of both coasts— and as a result, created a Hollywood empire. The trio of industry experts, in hair, makeup and brows respectively, opened STRIIIKE with the intention that your innate beauty should shine through any treatment + product. These women understand the way a stained pout or the perfect grown-in brow can translate into profound confidence, and we had to grab a few minutes of their time between running their LA studio and working with top clients to find out their sisterly secrets. Read on to learn their favorite products they use on themselves, the healers they lean on, and the career advice that guides them to conquering the beauty scene. Less is more, baby. 


Can you share with us your journey to where you are today?

Jenn: I started straight out of high school at an Estée Lauder makeup counter. Over the next couple of years I worked at all those makeup counters and really loved doing makeup but didn’t realize that I could do it professionally until I moved to NYC in ‘99. I stayed there for a few years building my craft and eventually moved to LA in 2007.  

Kristie: I started selling cosmetics at a Clinique counter pretty much straight out of high school. I really liked putting myself together in a beautiful and professional way. I enjoyed engaging with people/ women and educating them on skincare and make up. This is what inspired me to become an Esthetician and make it my career choice. In 2001, after practicing esthetics for 5 years and developing my love for eyebrow shaping, I decided to move from Northern California and join my sister Jenn in NYC.  I started working at Warren Tricomi and began to specialize in eyebrows specifically. Working with Warren Tricomi gave me the incredible opportunity to work with the top editors, photographers and amazing people in the industry. I was then fortunate enough to receive the prestigious "Best Of" award for eyebrows by New York Magazine.  This immediately catapulted my career to the next level, I went from 4-6 clients a day to 35!!  I then started trademarking my Feathered Brow philosophy and started the natural eyebrow trend. I made it my goal to break the habit and trend of the overly contrived shaped eyebrow style. I started making my own products (Afore and Après) to help in the sometimes irritating tweezing process as well as developing an all-natural vegetable dye in an effort to help the eyebrow appear fuller. In 2005 I started building an LA clientele while maintaining my place in NYC. This bi-coastal outreach really helped me get to where I am today. It's amazing that I happen to have 2 sisters who both have worked equally as hard to get to where they are in their careers, in their own ways. I don't think you could plan for something as great as this. It has to happen organically. 

Ashley: I began in high school, my sophomore year I was introduced to the ROP (regional occupational program) at my high school and I got into the cosmetology program. So I  left high school midday and got to attend beauty school for high school credits! I got my cosmetology license before I  graduated high school, so as soon as I could I  moved to NYC where both of my sisters were living at the time to assist at Warren Tricomi salon under Edward Tricomi. For the next 7-8 years I worked behind the chair in salons in NYC and Northern California. Finally, after both Jenn and Kristie were living in LA I  decided to jump ship and move to Southern California as well. That’s where I  started my freelance career, Jenn was working as a freelance makeup artist and introduced me to her agent, I  started going on set with Jenn as her “assistant” and learning the ropes of the freelance world. Soon I  got signed to the agency Jenn was at and quickly built up my red carpet roster. I’ve now been in LA for 8 years, we opened STRIIIKE 3 years ago and because of that we all started working together more frequently. Jenn and I started getting booked together as a hair and makeup team for red carpet clients and then started bringing those clients into STRIIIKE for a full sister experience.



What was the vision in creating STRIIIKE?

Kristie: Creating a collaborative space to not only see clients in, but to be creative with photo shoots and host events seemed like the perfect start. Working in the salon environment my whole life, I had always dreamed of opening my own space and to have a beautifully designed and relaxing environment to see clients in. STRIIIKE is that space and is the brainchild of the 3 of us.  STRIIIKE is welcoming and comfortable but chic.  We have skylights that provide really great light, beautiful art on the walls and a positive, great vibe to match.  We wanted to avoid the often times busy, frenetic energy filled salon vibe.   We serve really great, locally made Canyon Coffee and clients find themselves wanting to hangout out and shop our well curated shelves with not only our favorite beauty items but also fun lifestyle brand favorites that we find throughout our travels. 

Ashley: Well said sister!


What’s the most powerful thing you’ve learned through creating a woman-led company?

Kristie: Meeting other REALLY COOL powerful women for sure!!



Can you share your favorite morning / nighttime products?

Kristie: I’m obsessed with Melanie Simon’s Vitamin C Serum- it gives you the most amazing natural skin glow that’s deeper than just skin surface!

Jenn: I  am always trying new products but there are a few that seem to always be at my counter: P50, Caudalie Premier Cru Serum, Exfolikate, Bioderma Micillar water, Supergoop face SPF

Ashley: My favorite morning AND nighttime product is Biologique P50 400 toner. I also have been living for Sisley’s new hair care line, they make a tonic/serum for you scalp. It’s like skincare for your scalp!



What are your favorite ways to take care of yourself, and do you have any favorite healers and practitioners in LA that have helped mentor/transform/better your life?

Kristie: I’ve recently started having lymphatic drainage treatments (Ultherapy) with Anna Zahn.  I find the treatments to be very relaxing and therapeutic. I’ve only had 3 with her and I can already feel a difference in my body.  I believe in moving/ working the lymphatic system to maintain a healthy body.  It can help the immune system as well as  help with cellulite and moving pockets of stagnant fluid, I  really see the difference in my face after the treatment, it takes the stress off your face and makes you look radiant instantly!

Ashley: I’ve been seeing a healer for the last year the I SWEAR by. She uses shamanistic practice as a form of mental and physical therapy that has totally changed my outlook and life. Bettie Rinehart is the real deal healer. 

Standing in the position I  do while cutting hair has had a significant strain on my body over the years. I found a posture specialist— Walker Ozar in Beverly Hills— that does everything from massage, acupuncture, Pilates, and chiropractic work. He’s totally saved me and also help correct years of wrong posture.

Jenn: I love Pilates and acupuncture and I try to regularly get facials.


What did you want to be when you “grew up”?

Kristie: A chef

Ashley: An archeologist (I loved dinosaurs)

Jenn: Interior designer



What's the best thing you each learned from your mom?

Kristie: She naturally is very easy-going, friendly and engaging, which I like to think I  take after.  She’s a real people person and she also doesn’t take herself too seriously which I really love and admire.


Were you always close and collaborating together? 

Kristie: Ashley is 8 years younger so the age gap was bigger when we were younger but now were definitely closer.  Jenn and I are 2 years apart so we were pretty close growing up, with the standard love/hate relationship that young siblings have.   After we all landed here in LA around 8 years ago we became closer and closer (we actually all lived together in Jenn’s house at one point). Around 4 years ago we thought since were all finally living in the same place and all in the beauty industry we should figure out a way to work together.  Since we’ve opened STRIIIKE were now able to share clients and collaborate a lot more.

Ashley: Being the youngest I’ve almost always bounced ideas off of the sisters and asked for advice. Now that we are all closer in age (so it feels) it is a collaboration in everything we do. We each have our strong points which helps out so much in business together....



What is the best advice you have learned from your sisters?

Ashley: “fake it 'til you make it!” -it’s a joke but it also totally works at times!

Kristie: Don't overthink it!

Jenn: “fake it 'til you make it” is always being said. 


Family businesses are incredibly tough to manage— what's the best advice you have in managing working together?

Kristie: Family/ Sister Therapy!



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