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We're sharing the summer essentials of the Sakara HQ team— (read here to discover our Creative Director's top 5 summer must-haves) and below, Hannah explains what she's drizzling, slathering and breathing in... because wellness involves all the senses. 


1. Dedcool Unisex Perfume No. 4 

Scent is one of those tricky categories where perfumiers smack the umbrella term "proprietary fragrance" on the ingredient label, and leave us completely in the dark about the chemicals used— bothersome, to me, since I love fragrance but am passionate about clean beauty. I feel like I'm spilling one of my best secrets, but I discovered Dedcool last summer and am intoxicated by their 5 unisex, nontoxic blends. Here's what you need to know: A) the packaging is minimal and fun to display on your vanity B) I hop between fragrances because they all are incredible— right now I like to layer a combo of No.4 (fig, patchouli, sandalwood and bergamot) and No. 5 (oak moss, anise and cedar) and C) I don't think there is any higher compliment than someone saying "you smell so good"— and with Dedcool spritzed, I hear it often. 


2. Everyday Oil from Warm 

With all the stickiness that comes with waiting on the subway platform and the unpleasant aromas that a New York summer offers, I am on a mission to smell amazing in spite of it all. This amber bottle of Everyday Oil smells like the West Coast and, being from sunny Arizona, I love to get in that desert-liquid sunshine-yumminess anywhere possible. Made with cold-pressed oils, this keeps me moisturized all day and feels great even in the humidity. You can buy in many locations, but I am partial to strolling into the holy grail of West Coast vibiness, Warm, which is right in the heart of Nolita. Makes my heart sing. 


3. CAP Beauty's The Daily Hit

My passion lies in high vibrational foods — you can check here for confirmation — so naturally I've made a habit of weekend stops to CAP Beauty. Their CBD oil is mixed with adaptogens like schisandra berry (great for strengthening the liver, and is potent in antioxidants), red reishi mushroom (powerful medicinal mushroom known for calming the mind, reducing inflammation and supporting immunity) and mucuna pruriens, aka the dopamine bean, which works with your brain receptors to lift your mood. CBD is not simply "having a moment" — it's a powerful, ancient medicinal compound with healing potential, and we've just begun to scratch the surface. I like to drizzle this on avocado toast since the base of the blend is avocado oil— add some sauerkraut, for a gut-loving, superfood-heavy lunch. 


4. Protein + Greens Super Powder

I'm on a constant quest to figure out the perfect weekend breakfast— the one that keeps me nourished for hours, tastes indulgent, and that's light on labor since I want to bolt out of the door and enjoy my Saturday. Protein + Greens Super Powder checks off these boxes for me— it's a multi-functional powder that includes a serving of alkalizing grasses and algae so I'm getting the plant-based vitamins + minerals my microbiome loves. I've just started lifting weights more seriously, and need to sneak protein in any way I can too— and with 12g of clean, grain-free protein, I'm extra incentivized to fit this into my AM ritual. Love the taste too. Buy it! ;) 


5. Himalayan Salt Lamp 

Have you heard of Dry Salt Therapy? It's a holistic treatment in which you sit in a room and breathe in the salty air, while aiding in your respiratory system + sleep, and alleviating allergies, eczema, and stress. I have a taste of that kind of healing, with my Himalayan salt lamp. I use near my bedside table, as the lighting is perfect for settling into slumber and setting the mood. With late summer nights and frolicking to and from a packed social calendar, it's critical to create a sanctuary that gets you prepared for REM. That final stage of your sleep cycle requires darkness, so I like to turn on the lamp and read for 15 minutes to settle my eyes on something besides a smartphone. 


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