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There’s a misconception that getting in the mood is for the benefit of someone else. Aurielle Sayeh, multi-hyphenate creative and DJ, knows better. “I’ve learned over the years that love really starts at home, so to speak. I’ve been practicing celibacy for a year now—the person I’m seeing lives in another country—so it’s really helped me to focus on self-love,” Sayeh says. “Feeling sexy for myself allows me to tap into my creativity, confidence, my womanhood, my womb, and a lot of the freedom I feel as a human!”


As a woman who grew up listening to “emotive, sexy music—think Prince, Sade, Roberta Flack, Fleetwood Mac, George Michael, Michael Jackson,” Sayeh knows the power of a groove to backdrop self-love cultivation and sexual energy healing. She curated this exclusive playlist to help you feel lighter and express how you feel, when words don't suffice.

We invite you along on this sonic journey of sensuality and nostalgia; let this mix serve as a reminder that you’re never lacking in the love department—even (especially!) when you’re solo.





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The Principles of Pleasure


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