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Remember the feeling you had as a kid, running through the grass with the sprinkler on—maybe in a bikini, maybe your birthday suit—the result was always the same: pure joy. 

Why is that freedom reserved for the 10 years and younger crowd?  

Whether it’s the passing of time, self-doubt, society’s “rules” or forgetting how to play, putting on a bathing suit might not bring the wave of joy it once did. This year, it’s time to bring back the thrill. In celebration of Destination Summer, a week of the most nutritious and divine food on the planet, we called on Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves, founder of Marysia to sweeten the deal. She’s a swim designer with a passion for embracing confidence and sensuality over fear and loathing.

In keeping with the “no restrictions” theme, here’s a collective reminder of what this iconic summer essential should be...a celebration of self: past, present, and future.  


Swimsuits are liberating  

Swimsuits should feel freeing, wild, and natural. “I grew up in a leotard, and then a swimsuit while I was a lifeguard,” says Dobrzanska Reeves. “So there is a sense of freedom I feel from wearing a bathing suit, whether it’s while I am pregnant, have a post-baby body, or fully confident about my figure.”


Swimsuits connect us to our playful side

When you were little, the sight of a swimsuit meant one thing: fun. Be it vacation or summer break, it could be worn all day and into the night, the perfect outfit to swim, run, eat a popsicle, or catch fireflies. Think of it as a permission slip to play. “Summer is for carefree living and enjoying experiences rather than feeling insecurities,” reminds the Marysia designer.


Swimsuits are for us, not them

So often our identity is connected to the gaze of others, and the perceived judgment that clouds the lens. I wish more people would stop trying so hard to get that perfect bikini body,” says Mia Kang, a model and Muay Thai fighter who struggled with body confidence issues herself. “Throw that bikini on, have two cocktails and order something other than kale.”


Swimsuits are self-expression.

Whether your style is a sleek, one-shouldered maillot to lounge by the pool, a sporty tank to surf in or a girly bikini to beachcomb, let a swimsuit articulate who you are and what you love. And encourage others to do the same. “I love seeing what my daughters gravitate to every season,” says Dobrzanska Reeves. “I think that they are little sponges when it comes to how I act and speak about swimwear so I am careful about not being too critical of my body.”

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