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It's time to vibrate higher. As the fiery spring and summer months unfold, let's make some internal heat by moving our bodies freely and enjoying the dopamine rush as we sweat it out. 

Research, and our own personal experience, demonstrates the value of taking a step away from emails and obligations—even if it is occasional or abbreviated—to simply move. Whether you like to squat, shimmy, plank, or skip through your kitchen with your hands waving, find a moment to shift your mood and get into your body. This high-octane, joyful playlist is intended for your pleasure, whatever form that takes today. Let the beat catapult you out of the "monkey mind"—or the restless, repetitive thoughts swirling in our heads all day if left untamed—and ground into the physical. With your heart space wide open, you’ll find deeper gratitude for the tiny blessings all around. 

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