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We know it can feel challenging to stay on top of your wellness goals during the holidays or long weekends away, so we’ve compiled a few essential tips to help you make healthy and empowered nutrition choices, anytime and anywhere. 

Read on for our guide for balancing festive seasons and celebrations, while staying beautifully nourished, too:

Make mindful food choices: 
When dining out, it's common for meals to come with “hidden” added sugars, refined oils, and other inflammatory ingredients. Aim to eat in tune with the Sakara nutrition philosophy of high-quality, plant-rich abundance. Practice making intentional food choices based on what your body needs to thrive and how you want to feel. Not sure where to start? Dive into our 9 Pillars of Nutrition for inspiration. 

"When eating out, be mindful when eating out of ingredients that don’t support your optimal health and find a way into mass produced foods, like processed salad dressings. For example, if you order a salad, opt for olive oil and vinegar wherever possible,” says Colleen Coffey, Sakara’s In-House Nutritionist.

Hydrate (on a cellular level): 
First, drinking half of your body weight a day in ounces is ideal. We know this may sound obvious, but radiant, glowing skin starts with what’s in your glass—and on your plate. Proper cellular hydration supports a lively, youthful complexion, buoyant cells, and proper detoxification processes. At Sakara, we encourage “eating your water” by incorporating lots of H2O-rich plants (like cucumber, romaine lettuce, fresh berries, and melons) whose water-dense phytonutrients and plant fiber helps your body absorb hydration more slowly, deeply, and fully.

Keep wellness essentials on-hand: 
Sakara Creative Director Lianna Tarantin optimizes her carry-on with the most important goods: Sakara Detox Water Drops for hydration, Protein Super Bars for nourishing on-the-go, and a 10-Day supply of The Foundation, Sakara’s essential supplement formula.

“Taking The Foundation first thing in the morning—whether you’re on vacation or at home—is a really great habit to get into,” says Coffey. “Even if you don’t get in all of your greens that day, you’ll still be giving your body essential micronutrients it needs to thrive. You can think of it as your nutritional insurance.” One more tip? Consider ordering a shipment of products at least a week in advance to the location you're staying at to free up extra arm and bag space.

Save room for joy: 
“One meal will not make your health, and one meal will not break your health so allow for joy and leniency,” says Coffey. Give yourself the space to be flexible. There’s beauty in options, and freedom in never being too rigid with any plan. Practice body intelligence, (another of our nutritional pillars), to tune into the subtle messages you’re receiving from your body, and tune out externally grounded expectations and self-judgements. Decide what to eat by what lights you up, and makes you feel good from the inside, out.

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