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6:30 AM: I wake up and give myself 5 to 10 minutes to ease out of bed. Then I do a 10-minute meditation with the app Headspace. Lately I’ve been trying out Ally Bogard’s quick meditations as well!

7:00 AM: After washing up, I straighten up and prepare my daughter's milk and water bottles for the day—she drinks a ton of water!

7:20 AM: My daughter and I have our morning ritual, which includes feeding her breakfast, reading a few books, playing with her toy of the day and watching a few dog videos on Instagram. It’s important to me that we spend some quality time together before the day gets going.

9:00 AM: I'm not a big breakfast eater so I will usually skip it and have a glass of grapefruit juice or a cup of Sakara Detox Tea...BUT if there's a savory Sakara breakfast like the Rainbow Breakfast Skillet or Green Harissa Veggie Scramble, I will definitely snag one.

11:30 AM: I like to eat an early lunch and try to actually eat it without distraction (but I'm a fast eater). I love sitting in our library with the Kimchi + Buckwheat Soba Bowl.

3:30 PM: At this point I like to stretch my legs by walking around the block and resetting my mind after staring at spreadsheets all day. I also like to have a light snack in the afternoon—fruit or veggies do the trick, bonus if there's Sakara Carrot Ginger Glow dressing stocked in the fridge!

6:00 PM: I try to put my daughter to bed when I can—her ritual is reading Goodnight Moon, playing one song on her mobile and she's recently learned to comb her own hair and brush her own teeth.

7:30 PM: I usually eat a pretty big dinner, and I cook for myself when I can. It's a bit tough on weekdays, so on weekends I make a roast chicken that can last during the week. Then I can just make a couple of simple sides like polenta and asparagus to make a full meal.

9:00 PM: I always shower at night because I like to feel clean going to bed, and my mornings are so hectic! I used to love blasting 90s hip hop in the shower but now I'm scared to wake my daughter... so these days I resort to singing in my own head!
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