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Take a minute to imagine what it would be like if you were to restart your body in the same way that you restart your computer.  What would it be like to revert back to your ideal state, to delete the clutter in your body and hit quit on the dozens of programs causing your operating system stress? 

What would it take, and how you would feel?

At Sakara, our philosophy combines the best of cutting-edge nutrition science with traditional healing wisdom. So we teamed up with top functional medicine doctor, women’s health expert, herbalist and author Aviva Romm, M.D., to answer this very question. 

Dr. Aviva Romm teaches us that ailments and diseases are “surface manifestations of what’s going on at a deeper, less obvious level.”

She says there are 5 root causes of most health problems that send your body’s natural stress response into overdrive:





5. STEALTH INFECTIONS (Viral infections that chronically activate the immune system)



“When you address the root causes [of disease] by removing the obstacles to your body’s innate healing responses and adding in the important healing elements your body needs, your body begins to recalibrate naturally. Science is on our side: it has shown that even simple lifestyle and dietary changes can prevent and reverse most of your symptoms and some very real diseases, including:

93% of diabetes
81% of heart attacks
50% of strokes  
36% of all cancers

These same changes will boost your energy, relieve brain fog, balance your hormones, help you lose weight and so much more.”

Dr. Aviva Romm



Level II is designed to fully reset your entire system and heal the root causes of common symptoms, so that you can feel better in your body than you ever thought possible.

Modeled after prescriptive elimination diets, Level II temporarily cuts out inflammation triggers (including grains, sugar, nuts and key nightshades) to give the body relief from chronic, toxic stress.

Plentiful high-quality omegas encourage your body to use stored fat for energy (i.e. ketosis), while nightly medicinal broths give your digestive system a rest and put your body into an intermittent fasting state, helping to reboot your metabolism.

With nutrient-rich, vegetable-based meals, powerful probiotics and healing herbs, Level II replenishes your gut microbiome, stabilizing the healthiest strains of beneficial bacteria and fortifying the gut lining for total-body rejuvenation.

"Herbal medicine [is] predicated on the beliefs that the body possesses its own innate healing wisdom, that the human organism intrinsically wants to move toward repair and wellness, that there is no separation between mind and body, that the human body is an interconnected whole rather than separate systems, and that chronic disease doesn’t begin at the time of a diagnosis but, with rare exception, is the result of a combination of cumulative factors that eventually tip the balance away from health and toward disease." —Dr. Aviva Romm

Ready to experience a deep detox? Reserve your spot for the next Level II: Detox, starting the week of October 15!


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