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5:30 AM: It takes me about 20 minutes to really wake up (I'm a big fan of the snooze button) so my alarm goes off early. The first thing I do is a two-minute breathing meditation, and then make a cup of hot water with lemon and turmeric. I also pop my Complete Probiotic Formula—they work best on an empty stomach. I then quickly browse my emails and get ready for the gym.

6:30–7:30 AM: Hit the gym for a good workout—either a class or a long run. Working out is almost like morning coffee for me—it wakes me up and really gets me ready for the day.

8:30 AM: I walk to work every morning and call my mom. She is usually on her way to work and it’s the best time for us to catch up. We talk every day and our morning walk and talks are a ritual for us!

9:00: The first thing I do when I get to work is make a really big cup of coffee with a whopping teaspoon of ghee and almond mylk. The ghee fills me up before breakfast and it’s amazing for your digestion. I then usually have my Sakara breakfast right after my coffee while I answer morning emails and listen to some calming music—usually classical or Cat Power.

10:30: I have a cup of Detox Tea mid-morning with some more turmeric in it (great for inflammation and stress). I try to stay very hydrated throughout the day.

11:45: I am always very hungry in the morning so I eat lunch early. I love my Sakara meals and try to relax while I eat and maybe listen to a lecture or meditation session on my phone. Right after lunch, I make another huge cup of Detox Tea, which satisfies my post-lunch sweet tooth.

3:00 PM: I try to break up the day with a quick walk around the block or another cup of tea.

6:30–7:00 PM: I leave work and walk home or run errands.

7 PM: If I have time, I try to cook myself dinner. If not, I have a Sakara meal. I love to cook and find it really therapeutic. I usually make something like zoodles on top of greens with a tahini pesto, or a salad with sweet potatoes. I listen to the nightly news in the background while I cook.

8-9:30: I try to not spend too much time on my computer after work. Instead, I like to read a magazine or sometimes watch TV if I'm really tired.

10:00 PM: I have to go to bed early, so I usually get in bed around 9:30 to read and listen to a night time meditation. I love the Ally Bogard meditations from the 4-Week Transformation, and find that listening to one before bedtime really centers and refocuses me after a long day.
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