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6:00 AM: Wake up and do some spinal movements to get my blood flowing. Lately I’ve been trying out Taryn Toomey’s heart-clearing series as a gentle movement to wake my body up. I drink one glass of water and a shot of espresso and then check my emails.

6:30–7:00 AM: I hop on the train...got to get going early to get those Sakara meals made! I like to take this quiet time to read or listen to a podcast—it helps me start my day feeling centered and relaxed.

8:00 AM: I make sure the kitchen is settled and then take my Complete Probiotic Formula followed by my Sakara breakfast. Sometimes I'll freestyle it with leftover ingredients from past meals!

11:30 AM: While the kitchen breaks, I'll have my Sakara lunch and catch up on emails.

2:00 PM: I'll have a mid-afternoon snack—usually a piece of fruit, an 8greens supplement tablet in my water (gotta get those greens!) and sometimes a bit of vegan chocolate when I need something sweet to power my afternoon!

5:30 PM: I'll have a Sakara dinner, or half of one, as the day wraps.

6:30–7:00 PM: Hit up a Modo Yoga class or go for a run along the Hudson if there's time! I love exercising at the end of the day to decompress.

9:00 PM: I end my day with a light snack (soup, fruit, vegan chocolate, sometimes less healthy bites...) and some herbal tea as I unwind for the evening.

10:00 PM: Read or watch a TV show and head to bed by 11 pm!
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