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Focus: Legs

What To Do: 20x Sumo Squat with Heel Raise (20 reps on each side) + 30 seconds Squat Jumps


Set feet wide outside your hips with toes angled out. Alternating, live one heel at a time and drop hips back into a squat position. Keep your chest up and abs locked in tight. When you return to the top of the move, lower heel and raise the other one and repeat. The higher you lift the heel off the floor, the more work you will get into the legs and glutes.


Starting with feet just outside your hips and toes turned out, quickly drop into a squat position before driving away from the floor. Use your arms to help pull you up higher and land with bent knees.



A Plant-Based Diet for Exercise Recovery

Eating more plants is the key to faster, more efficient recovery after exercise. Oxidative stress and inflammation are two key culprits of DNA damage and post-workout soreness, and fighting those influences will help you recover quicker. 

A colorful, varied diet rich in plant-based foods—the Sakara Life!—is the best way to load up on the antioxidants and other phytonutrients that protect your cells, improve body alkalinity and reduce inflammation, so you stay strong and healthy.


Light Work

Week 1: The Dance Challenge

Choose your pick-me-up song. This is the song that makes you want to dance whenever you hear it. Turn it on, crank up the volume and dance! In your bedroom, your living room, your backyard...doesn’t matter where or when, just let it flow.

Set up your phone to record a video of yourself dancing. Then, watch the video. Don’t judge yourself—instead, just send yourself some love. Tell your dancing self that you look beautiful. Have confidence. Your moves are awesome! Now, take a new video of yourself dancing, feeling the love that you sent to yourself watching your video. Then, send that video to someone else: your partner, your mother, your daughter or a friend.

As a bonus, don't tell them this is part of a challenge you’re doing but just saying ‘hi’ and sending them some happiness for the day. Your personal challenge is not to judge yourself.


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