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*Introducing the first ever Sakara Hot List! We're bringing you exclusive content from a carefully curated group of influencers who, frankly, just get us HOT
We searched high and low for the hottest artists, creators, entrepreneurs, fitness-pros, and all-around influential tastemakers who motivate and inspire us with the unique and daring ways they are turning their #thoughtstothings


Amber Valletta has showed us what it means to feel hot during all walks of life: expanding her spiritual practice, fueling a healthy body, raising a family, and using her voice for causes she is passionate about. Whether on the big screen or walking the runways, this model, actress, activist knows a thing or two about how to keep her fire burning all winter long. #SakaraHotList



Name: Amber Valletta @ambervalletta

Location: LA

Job: Actress, supermodel, mother, activist

Mission: To be healthy, happy, helpful and hot! Horny, too! 

Favorite Sakara meal to enjoy hot: The samosas!

Favorite winter activity: Baths, snuggles, infrared saunas, and watching the snow.

Song that gets you hot: Marvin Gaye "Let's get it On"

What do you do to stay hot? Meditation and prayer, eating healthy, laughing, flirting w/ my man, and using my voice for good! 

When do you feel hot? I feel hot after a hot bath, naked swimming in the sea, in high ass heels out on the town with my man. 

What's a hot project you're working on right now? It's Fashion Show season, so strutting for catwalks.

What's the next hot thing in the modeling world? Inclusivity, diversity, sustainability and individuality. 


amber valletta sakara life hot list lianna tarantin

 amber valletta sakara life lianna tarantin

amber valletta sakara life lianna tarantin

amber valletta sakara life lianna tarantin

amber valletta sakara life lianna tarantin

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