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At Sakara, we aim to empower you to be in the driver’s seat of your own health.  Delivering plant-rich nutrition straight to your door is just one factor—but it’s the choices you make every day that will support the body and life you love. Every decision, from the foods you put in your body to your self-care rituals, has a profound impact on your sense of well-being. 

You hold the power in your hands for how you want to feel, which is why so many Sakaralites ask how to eat on the days when they’re not eating our delivered meals (i.e. on the weekends or on holidays). Read on for our guide to staying nourished from morning through to night, anytime. 

Upon Rising

Start your day with a glass of water (with Detox Water Drops) for maximum hydration, and enjoy in the sun or near the window for a mood- and skin-brightening doses of Vitamins C and D. For a supercharged elixir, mix grassy greens and ginger into this Awakened Greens Shot to support hydrated, healthy skin and immunity. Try to stay off your phone during these first few minutes and do something that’s just for you—whether that’s taking a few deep inhales and exhales or stretching your limbs. 


Greet each day like the gift it is with a superfood-loaded breakfast that’s functional, satisating, and delicious. We love this versatile Savory Chickpea Scramble, which eases whole-system inflammation and helps relieve bloating. If a sweet treat in the morning is more of your vibe, create a smoothie bowl featuring whatever fresh or frozen fruits you have on hand, a plant mylk, and a packet of Protein + Greens (for 12 grams of clean plant protein) topped with Sakara Classic Granola, and a natural sweetener like chopped dates. 

Mid-Morning Supplement Ritual

Create a ritual of The Foundation, our clean curation of essential vitamins, minerals, and superfoods your body needs everyday to thrive. Take it with a Detox Tea, our favorite warm and detoxifying beverage. Think of it as a critical part of your self-care regime to help you feel your best.


Greens are the embodiment of food as medicine, and come the closest of any single food to meeting our ideal nutrition requirements in a single source. Aim to get 4-6 cups of leafy greens every single day—plenty of plant fiber helps to create a healthy microbiome, and support internal systems that keep you feeling (and looking) your best, inside and out. Keep things interesting—and colorful—with inspiration from our “Perfect Salad” recipe. 

Afternoon Fuel

Feeling peckish? Before you reach for the snack cabinet, take a moment to
tune into your body. Is your 3 p.m. snack a ritual of habit, or because you are actually hungry? If the former, recenter your energy with a short movement break (joyful movement practices way!), and if the latter, nourish with a delicious and nutrient-dense Metabolism Super Bar for sustained energy, without the caffeine crash. 


To take the guesswork out of meal prep, equip your kitchen with health-promoting, sense-pleasing, vibrant ingredients. See what fruits and vegetables are fresh and in-season at your local farmers’ market or grocery store, reach for as many colors and textures as possible, and stock your pantry with healthy fats (olive oil, nuts, avocados), natural sweeteners, and plant protein (like beans, chickpeas, tempeh, and quinoa, to name a few). Remember to always choose organic whenever possible. Use these ingredients to build a plate inspired by the seasons. (And if you’re cooking for kids, this Greens + Veg Mac and “Cheez” is a plate taste buds of all ages will love.)

Wind-Down Ritual 

Redefining your waking hours starts with getting enough (and quality) sleep, and there’s a profound impact that your plate has on a blissful night of rest. Focusing on a whole-food, plant-rich diet promotes healthy sleep, and we recommend eating no later than three hours before bedtime because it can disrupt your body’s circadian rhythm and cause your metabolism to slow. Instead of reaching for a late-night snack, try incorporating a wind-down activity at the same time each night like reading a book or taking a hot bath. You can also tap a few key ingredients, like valerian root and passionflower found in our Sleep Tea, designed to soothe adrenals and calm the nervous system to prepare you for a deep, restorative sleep.

Looking for further guidance? Our Nutritional Pillars make up the DNA of everything we do—from incorporating superfoods into each meal to getting enough greens.

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