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Reset your gut microbiome, relieve GI symptoms, and transform your health.

Have you heard about Sakara Systems? They’re our new targeted nutrition programs that deliver solutions for our clients biggest health concerns—from weight management and digestive issues, to brain fog and that I-just-need-a-fresh-start feeling we’ve all experienced. Sakara Systems are the product of 10 years of nutrition innovation—and informed by our work with nutritionists, doctors, and the Sakara Science Council—and created to transform our clients’ lives on every level. 

Here, we’re focusing on The Gut Health Reboot, our one-, four-, and eight-week program that’s expertly designed to optimize your digestion, promote regularity, and soothe GI symptoms. The Reboot delivers these life-changing benefits courtesy of plant-rich nutrition, curated supplements, and a guidebook written with our in-house nutritionist that includes a step-by-step daily plan, plus the science behind our approach to a cleanse.  

Read on for answers to some of the questions we’ve been hearing from Sakaralites about our new Gut Health Reboot


What’s included in the Gut Health Reboot?

The Gut Health Reboot includes nutritionally designed meals, supplements and wellness essentials from Sakara [including our Signature Green Smoothie, Detox Protein Super Bar, Beauty Water Drops, The Foundation supplement, Complete Probiotic Formula, and GI Rebuild + Repair (included in 30-day+ programs)], along with weekly samples of our Detox Tea and an additional supplement, and an exclusive program guide written with our in-house nutritionist to support your transformation.


How does the Gut Health Reboot help heal digestive symptoms?

The Gut Reboot is designed to build up the nutrients, bile, and stomach acid needed for optimal digestion by replacing gut-irritating foods with high-quality plant-rich nutrition. Then, we set the stage for a healthy gut by adding pre- and probiotics to your daily routine. To heal your gut, it’s also essential to get rid of the stressors and irritants that prevent it from thriving. The nutritionally designed organic meals and wellness essentials included in The Gut Health Reboot are made without common inflammation triggers. By removing gluten, dairy, GMOs, and refined sugar from your diet, you are giving your system a break and reducing chronic, toxic stress.  


What is the difference between a Gut Health Reboot and a Signature Nutrition Program?

Choosing which program is right for you will depend on the results you’re looking for, how much time you have available, and how much support you’d like along your journey. The Gut Health Reboot is a targeted nutrition program designed to transform your gut microbiome and relieve GI symptoms. By opting in, you are joining us for one, four, or eight weeks of Sakara nutrition; supplements and wellness essentials from Sakara, and an exclusive program guide written with our in-house nutritionist to direct to support your transformation. When you opt in for a Signature Nutrition Program, you will have the option to do a one-time trial program or a recurring subscription program. You can choose the number of days you would like to receive meals (2, 3 or 5 days), and depending on your delivery zone, you may also choose which meals you would like to receive (breakfast, lunch and/or dinner).


Can I choose my meals? 

The Gut Health Reboot is a set menu that includes meals expertly designed to build a diverse and thriving gut microbiome. Each meal is nutritionally designed for your optimal health, so while you cannot choose your own menu, we guarantee that you and your body will benefit from each and every dish.


Will I experience any side effects from the program?

The Gut Health Reboot is designed to enhance your health and optimize your biology with the power of food. 

As you begin your program, you are changing your gut environment, microbiome composition, metabolic rate, hormone signaling, and more. As these functions shift, side effects—including sugar cravings, bloat, or fluctuations in weight—are very normal. It’s important to tune into your body during your program, have patience and respect for this transition, and nourish accordingly to reduce side effects in the long term. If you have more specific questions, please remember to reach out to our Sakara Wellness Coaches, who are there to guide you through your Reboot.

Didn’t see an answer to your question here? Reach out to our Wellness Team at info@sakaralife.com and they’ll be more than happy to help.

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