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As a subscriber to our Signature Nutrition Program, you have access to exclusive perks to support optimal health and vitality that make feeling your best in mind, body and spirit effortless, joyful and delicious. 


Consistent Results: Automatic weekly renewals ensure you never miss a day of nourishment. Remember: consistency is key to transformation—nourishing with leafy greens, a variety of colors, healthy fats and plant proteins optimizes the body’s systems, impacting everything from digestion to immunity to energy.

The more you incorporate the habits in this guide into your daily routine, the better you're going to feel. This isn't a diet—it's your life, and you hold the power to make empowering choices everyday.


Weekly Savings: With a program subscription, you're saving up to 15% off of a’la carte pricing and enjoying complimentary shipping.


Swapping Meals: Choose your favorites to better suit your preferences by swapping up to two or three meals each week for our classics, like Sakaralite-favorites the Superfood Breakfast Cookie and Italian Chopped Salad, curating a menu entirely unique to you.


Complimentary Supplements: Enjoy complimentary wellness essentials each week to boost your results, like our Complete Probiotic Pack, with probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes to improve digestion, and Detox Tea


Flexing Your Program: Adjust the number of days and/or number of programs you receive, change your address when you travel, and more.


Skipping Weeks: Easily skip up to eight weeks at a time to better align with your schedule.


Enjoy Perks: Enjoy exclusive early access to new products, programs and offering - and receive occasional surprise gifts from us included in your meal delivery!

Ready to level up your benefits and perks? Subscriber flexibility isn’t one-size-fits-all—click here to explore subscription options in your zip code based on your wellness goals and schedule.

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