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Gift giving is one of the five universal love languages, symbolizing the act of thoughtfulness. It’s affection in the form of surprise, and the price tag is irrelevant as long as the heart is present. Now, with loved ones in close quarters or sprawled across thousands of miles, giving—virtually, cleverly, in grandiose measures, or small acts—is a powerful way to stay connected and show up for each other with love. And love is a profound form of nourishment. 

With that in mind, we present our gift guide series; a curation from artisans and innovators who pour passion into their offerings. We believe there’s power in championing integrity, quality, and beauty, and these items and ideas are endearing and enduring. We’ll be unveiling eight guides over the next two months, each focused on a different area of life to nurture and celebrate—whether it be tending to home, discovering ways to “play dirty,” or focusing on self-exploration. Allow these gifts to shift and unlock something new for the recipients: adventure, joy, empowerment, energy, and freedom. 

We invite you to come back each week, explore, and find your flavor of love to share. 

gifts with equal parts flavor and healing power
luxuriate in high-octane self-care
release endorphins and celebrate kinetic expression
create a dignified dwelling with cozy, unexpected touches
Venus energy to coax out confidence and style
gifts with intention and the power to foster change
sensual, unexpected surprises that bend the rules
offerings that lead one to their highest self
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