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Our food isn’t restrictive—and neither are we. Sakara’s plant-rich Signature Nutrition Program is designed with plenty of flexibility to support you and your schedule, even when you’re lounging at the beach, long weekend-ing away from it all. 

Read on for our tips on making the most of Sakara's flexibility—and nourishing your best season yet.


Adjust Your Program Length

Your long weekend away doesn’t have to stop you from flooding your body with abundant, plant-rich nutrition before or after. You can easily flex between program lengths each week—whether that’s a two-, three-, four-, or five-day program—and the number of meals you receive per day to account for changing schedules.


Change Your Delivery Address

Heading out of town? Take plant-rich nutrition with. It’s simple to change your delivery address to anywhere within the contiguous United States so you can still receive meals while away (think: Sakara delivery while you’re beachside). Just be sure to do so before Wednesday at midnight EST the week prior to your trip. 


See What’s Coming 

Sexy Cinnamon Rolls. The H2O Glow Salad. Deconstructed Eggplant “Parm.” See which of your favorite meals are coming up by using our preview feature, which displays the full menu (including new meals and ingredient lists) three weeks in advance.


Swap For Your Favorite Meals 

Can’t get enough of our Superfood Breakfast Cookie or Italian Chopped Salad? We’ve got you. You can swap up to seven meals per week (depending on how many days you’re scheduled to receive meals) so you can get more of your favorites, to love or share. With swaps, you can also select from our beloved Sakara Classics, a.k.a. our rotating “secret menu” of top-rated dishes. 

We also love using swaps as a hosting hack: Double (or triple) up on your favorite dishes—then serve no-prep, chef-crafted, seasonal sides at your next candlelit dinner or park picnic rendezvous.


Get Extra Sippable Support  

We offer seasonal add-ons to our Signature Nutrition Program to help give you extra nutritional support based on your personal needs—like a 3-pack of our Gut-Nourishing Green Smoothie or system-revving Metabolism “Latte.” Our ready-to-sip add-ons are perfect for grabbing on the way to the office or for nourishing while en route to your weekend getaway.

So, go on. Join us for lunch, then go out and embrace a night out on the town. Serve up your Sakara dishes as a nutritious, no-prep side. Order extras of your favorite meals to love or share. The choice is yours—our flexible support is designed to make it as effortless (and delicious) as possible to uplevel your transformational results.

Bring transformative nutrition right to your fingertips. Download The Sakara Life App today to shop, manage subscriptions, view menus, and more.

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