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How to bring Sakara with you, whether headed on vacation or to a second home. 

Hoping to live the Sakara Life all year round, wherever you are? We got you. Our flexibility features are designed for ease and convenience so you never have to miss a day (or favorite meal).

Read on for top tips (curated by Team Sakara) to ensure your program satisfies you and your schedule. 

Prepare Pre-Travel
: Before you head to a new location, make sure to shift your delivery address accordingly (rather than skip a week). Reroute shipments of favorite wellness essentials like The Foundation at least one week in advance to ensure you’re never without essential nutrients. (Not to mention traveling lighter.) 

*Pro tip from Sakara’s Head of Brand, Rebecca Smith: “I always look out for the text reminder if I need to update anything for the week. Sakara takes on the logistics and decisions for me, so I can focus on other things—like enjoying my time.”

Pack Mindfully
: Use a tote to keep all of your most important items within easy reach—like a Protein Super Bar for a nourishing mid-evening snack or Beauty Water Drops for hydration and skin support.

Indulge Your Curiosity
: Stay inspired with some of our favorite Sakara Life podcasts, including Dr. Joe Dispenza on the power of your thoughts to change your life, practicing your pleasure with Hani Avital, and forging your own path with Cleo Wade.

Plan For Your Days Out
: If you anticipate having a couple of non-Sakara dinners and/or cocktails throughout the week, lean on your Sakara meals in between for clean nourishment. 

*Team Sakara tip: Always keep Sakara on-hand for breakfasts and lunches, and enjoy a glass of water with Beauty Water Drops for essential cellular hydration.  If you’re dining with friends and/or family, plate your extra meals as a side dish.  

Sakara-fy Your Beach Day
: For adventures by the sea, Sakara Creative Director Lianna Tarantin recommends transporting meals and snacks in a freezer tote to keep things fresh. (Rinse and reuse Sakara containers to store chopped fruits and vegetables by the pool.) 

: Getting home late on Sunday? Remember to schedule meals to your home delivery address so they are ready and waiting for you. 

*Pro tip from Sakara’s Marketing VP Ashley Taylor: “If I'm getting back to New York late Sunday I'll ship my meals to a friend and pick them up on Monday night. I’ll treat them to the Monday meals as payment!”

Happy and healthy adventuring, Sakaralites.

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