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How to level-up your Sakara meals with a few simple steps.

Joy is a nutrient—it helps to free us of inhibitions, release blockages and is scientifically shown to aid digestion, too. (Physiologically, we experience joy everywhere in our bodies, thanks to neurotransmitters, chemical messengers responsible for processes and feelings from our head to our toes). The benefits of experiencing joy are plentiful—promoting a healthier lifestyle and promoting longevity. 

Each and every meal has the power to feed us not only on a physical level, but on emotional and spiritual levels, too. 

Here, we share four ways to cultivate bliss and level-up your Sakara meal experience every time you sit down. 


1. Heat heartier salads. Transform sturdy-leaved salads in just a few minutes by tossing them entirely—greens and toppings included—into a sizzling pan (Meals recommended and/or suggested for reheating are clearly labeled with instructions, but those featuring greens like spinach are Sakaralite-loved, too.)  


2. Dress up your dish. The craveability of a salad often hinges on the dip paired with it, which is why we take our dressings very seriously. (And they’re consistently raved about.) Our drizzles consistently feature a variety of brain- and skin-loving high-quality fats, non-dairy yogurts, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and spices.

Plating tip: Since high-quality oil solidifies in cold temperatures, our dressings naturally solidify when stored in the fridge. For optimal drizzle, set them out at room temperature for 30 minutes to two hours before enjoying them.


3. Practice presence. Set the tone for mealtime by asking yourself, “How can I bring awareness, mindfulness, and pleasure to this moment? Enjoy it sitting down at a table, rather than hunched over a computer so you can fully appreciate its color, texture and flavors. Change locations from where you were working or sitting prior. Orient your body toward a light source or something that nourishes your other senses. If you can, silence digital notifications so you can focus solely on your meal. The thoughts you have while eating affect your digestion and your body’s absorption of the nutrients it’s taking in.


4.Express gratitude. Intone (or think about) a short gratitude for those who nurtured your food and delivered it with love. 


5. Plate boldly. Create a sanctuary of your kitchen and dining area so it feels like a place you yearn to return to. This might look like a few sacred, grounding objects that bring you joy when you look at them or hold them—perhaps it’s a specific bowl or plate you love. See step #1 (heating up and transforming your cold ready-to-eat dish) and plate it boldly. 



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