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Hydration is the basis of all health and wellness. Your body is 60% water, after all. When nurtured properly, optimal cellular hydration means liveliness, a youthful complexion, ecstatically dancing little cells and a detoxification system that dreams are made of. When the inner workings of your precious system don't get the lubrication they crave they'll break down resulting in digestion troubles, pre-mature aging, and chronic brain fog. 

So, how can one quench their body's thirst and live a healthy, happy, hydrated life? First, it's important to understand exactly how your body is thirsty: is your skin dry, is your digestion out of sorts, are you constantly fatigued? Second is treating that thirst in the best way possible. If you think you might be dehydrated, read on to find your cure! 


Problem: I have brain fog, inflammation, and problematic skin

*Solution: Ozonated water with added minerals + nutrients  

Tap water is a controversial topic these days; some say the filtration process means better water for us, others say that there are harmful toxins hiding in your water to keep it looking and tasting good. Toxins like mercury, lead and arsenic; we're not taking our chances. Ozonated water, like Sakara Beauty Water + Detox Water, means more oxygen per sip of the highest quality water available. We also include electrolytes for better hydration (trace minerals), stress-soothers (rose water) and natural-detoxifyers (chlorophyll). 



Problem: I am bloated and my digestion is....off. I also experience skin breakouts and chronic fatigue.  

*Solution: Eat your water. 

You could be drinking the "doctor recommended" 8 cups of water a day and still be suffering from dehydration. Don't get us wrong, drinking water is a critical part of the hydration process: it filters out unwelcome toxins through the bowels and the bladder. But when there’s not enough clean liquid to be filtered through, stagnant waste builds up, turning into stubborn weight gain, headaches, skin problems, adrenal fatigue, swelling, congestion, irregular elimination and more. No thanks.

The solution? Eat your water, aka munch on living foods. Plenty of them. Foods that are water-dense and full of life. By eating your water in addition to drinking it you're organically hydrating your bod AND effectively supplying your cells with the elements they need to retain elasticity and maintain growth. The body regenerates and creates new cells to replace old ones on a daily basis and the best way to make sure our bodies are operating at optimal 'youth + beauty capacity' is to keep them saturated with an abundance of high water content, nutrient-dense fruits and veggies, all day long. Your average Sakara Salad contains one liter of crunchy, yummy, body-loving water...plus a whole boxful of various other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support those ecstatically dancing little cells we talked about before.



Problem: My energy is unstable and I have trouble sleeping 

*Solution: Substitute one coffee a day for a stimulant-free alternative.  

If you're drinking high levels of caffeine you're putting yourself body's natural rhythm at risk. Caffeine is a natural stimulant and the main ingredient in coffee. We love coffee, too - but when it comes to our health, we're not a fan of the way it dehydrates us, screws up our natural metabolism and messes with our sleep cycle. For these reasons, we suggest switching to caffeine-free solutions



Problem: My complexion is looking lackluster and it's starting to show signs of aging. 

*Solution: Phytoceramides

Fact: dehydration speeds up signs of aging by depleting your cells and slowing their re-growth rate. The good news? There is a natural ingredient called Phytoceramides which protects the water in your cells. These little powerhouses are clinically proven to replenish cell barriers to retain water which will smooth fine lines and enhance that natural glow of yours (within 2 weeks no less). 


Thirsty yet? 


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