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Mindful movement is one of the most loving, energizing ways to truly inhabit your physical body. So the Best Body Challenge includes 60 days of access to YogaGlo's online yoga + meditation classes. (Haven't set up your account yet? Click here...and make sure you get set up by May 21, 2018!) YogaGlo offers hundreds of classes, from energetic, strengthening flows to gentle, restorative stretching, plus guided meditations and breathing exercises. To make it easy for you to incorporate gentle yet powerful movement into your every day, Whitney and Danielle selected their top 20 classes, all clocking in at 20 minutes or less. Whether you're on a 3- or 5-day meal program, there are enough classes below to keep you busy for the entire four weeks of the Best Body Challenge, but the sky's the limit, so feel free to explore YogaGlo's wide range of offerings. Namaste!

Desk Bound Flow (Level 2, 20 min) 
Quickly Start Your Day Right (Level 2-3, 20 min) 
Invigorating Tonic (Level 2-3, 20 min) 
Cultivate Change (Level 1, 20 min) 
Build Strength for Chaturanga (Level 1-2, 20 min) 
Athletic Cross Training (Level 2, 20 min) 
Serious Core (Level 2-3, 20 min) 
Short, Stretchy Feel Good Flow (Level 2-3, 20 min) 
Roley Poley Flow (Level 1-2, 20 min) 
Arm & Shoulder Conditioning (Level 2, 20 min) 
Night Cap Practice (Level 1, 20 min)
Smooth It Out (Level 2, 20 mins) 
Amplify Your Vision, Quiet Your Mind (Level 2, 20 mins)  
Practice for the Big Moments (Level 1-2, 20 mins) 
Twist Out Doubt and Negativity (Level 2, 20 min) 
Salute the Core w/ Kia Miller (Level 2-3, 20 min) 
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