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There are a fews weeks of summer left, and you deserve to experience every single moment free of guilt and full of BLISS. Bend rules, break through boundaries and tap into your most powerful, authentic self. We’re here to take healthy eating off your mind, so that you can concentrate on more important things, like what to order next at the tiki bar.

Here’s a checklist with 10 ways to “play dirty” for the rest of the summer (and then some).

1. Sip a Pineapple Kiss

2. Take a digital detox 

3. Have that extra glass of Rosé at happy hour with your friends

4. Watch the sunrise

5. Take a summer Friday  

6. Go skinny dipping

7. Sleep under the stars

8. Take the surf lesson you’ve always wanted to try

9. Enjoy date night pizza

10. Rock your boldest outfit (outside of your house), the one where all eyes will be on you

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