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Yes, it’s true, we have a sauna in the office.

Not just any sauna, but a creativity-enhancing, body-toxin clearing, skin-rejuvenating and metabolism-revving infrared sauna from HigherDOSE, situated in a back corner of the humble abode we call Sakara HQ. 

Why did we do this? Well, it’s no secret that we love to LOVE our bodies, and raise our pranic energy and/or life-force vibrations with all the elements of the earth (read: built-in chromotherapy lighting, Nordic Spruce wood, infrared heat, palo santo and eucalyptus essential oils…). It’s like sitting in a Native American medicine lodge, only, in the middle of Manhattan, minus the ayahuasca and ponchos, plus a Sakara Beauty water in hand.

But, really, we did this because it is a one-stop shop for clarity of mind, body, and, yes, even that expansive soul. 

Far infrared waves penetrate one to two inches deep into the skin and body, facilitating organic healing action through infrared waves that fuse to your body’s (70% of) water molecules. Your H2O molecules begin to vibrate, causing a reduction in ion bonds and the eventual breakdown of said water molecules, releasing the toxic material buildup in the body. Far infrared heat provides us with all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight (Vit D, inspiration, love, GLOW) without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation (or sunburn). Far infrared waves have also been experimented with for dramatic help in improving blood circulation for recovery from fatigue.

Our conclusion: all of the above is true. After weeks of early morning sessions, and later afternoon "meetings", we have all come to hail Sophie The Sauna as our new guardian angel. She helps us feel lighter & brighter, more focused & energized, and inspires a sense of creativity that even our favorite matcha latte in the city cannot access. So if you have a chance to park yourself in an infrared sauna for an extended period of time, say yes, please, and THANK YOU!

Alright, gtg, I have a meeting in the sauna. (<--- yes, statements like this are commonly overheard at Sakara HQ). 



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