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The very first, and most crucial statement that the Abraham-Hicks touch on in the teachings of The Law of Attraction, is that “you are a creator — you create with your every thought.” Sound familiar? #ThoughtsToThings

This is not a topic that we shy away from integrating into nearly, well, everything that we do. The pillars of the Sakara Life are practically built around it. The energy we put out, is the energy that we get back. And there is SO very much more to The Law of Attraction, and how it works it’s magic in your life, than one brief discussion can touch upon. 

Fundamentally, The Law of Attraction states that all that is, is a result of what you have meta-physically manifested into physical form. All that you have created is a result of your own inner world; transforming, re-constructing, healing, moving and shaking up the three-dimensional reality that only your unique set of eyes can see. There is an extraordinary piece of matter in the middle of your brain called the pineal gland, that essentially looks and acts exactly like an eyeball (hence where the whole concept of a legit third eye comes from). The pineal gland is where all of your intuitive, manifestation powers live. It is the part of your brain that balances out those obsessive thoughts, by aiding your body in setting “gut” intentions, to psychically assess everything around you. But, I digress. The pineal gland is a whole other topic for a whole other day (watch this space).

The Law of Attraction is not something that you necessarily have to consciously practice, or even fully notice 100% of the time, in order for it to integrate itself into your energy field. Because after all, the Law itself IS your energy field. You are one with it. It always, always works with you, and never against you. The Law of Attraction is simply a string of words stabbing at an attempt to describe the intimate Oneness of all that is, and the physics and mathematics of how the Universe is run. And just as you once upon time learned in science class: like increases like, and “the essence of that which itself is like unto itself, is drawn.”

And if all of this is true, then isn’t it about time that we all become — even the littlest bit — more conscious of our thoughts? Those constant thoughts that shape our beliefs and emotions? The Law of Attraction also says that the more positive and genuinely in love with life that you remain, the more good will come to you. That is to say, the vibrations that you put into the Universe will find their match frequency in 3D, and vibrate on the same level. If you are feeling chronically sad and angry, you will experience more sadness and anger-inducing elements in day-to-day life. However, if you choose (because it is a choice!) to be joyful and grateful, you will immediately begin to experience more joy and abundance, even in the most commonplace experiences.

You must look at every single moment of your life here as a blessing, as if you had chosen it. Because essentially, you HAVE chosen it. You created it in your mind. So give thanks for this moment, and be gentle with yourself, as the Universe is giving you everything that you have asked for in order to expand your consciousness. Quit thinking about all the things that make you sad, and you will run out of things to be sad about. It’s as simple as that.

Even if it is just for one week, we challenge you to take note of the things that brought you the most joy throughout the day — the things that you can look at and say, ‘Yeah, I made that happen! Because I have universal power, and I am in loving control.’ Quit simply asking, and start expecting. All that you desire is coming your way. Patience grasshopper, the Universe is known to take it's sweet time.

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