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We love ourselves some nice nails. Because doesn't a pretty plate of greens look just that much better when a brightly-manicured hand is digging into in them? And because our personal creation of beauty in life is just as much about the experience as it is about the end result, we're #CurrentlyObsessed with LA's natural and over-the-top beautiful nail salon, Olive & June  started by Sakarafied mama, Sarah Gibson Tuttle. 

Fancy getting your nails did with a complementary glass of bubbly, or of whatever the heck you else want? Go visit Sarah's creation. And while you're at it, read below to hear from the incredibly creative #girlboss herself...

How did you become so mani / pedi obsessed?

I have always loved getting my nails done. I feel complete when I have a fresh mani! And pedicures are just the most relaxing treatment for me. I actually love having them done separately — it really feels indulgent!

What was the concept behind Olive & June?

After a decade of working in finance in New York, I started escaping to Los Angeles regularly. While I was there, I realized the city could really use a new kind of nail salon that was an alternative to inexpensive strip mall salons and over-the-top posh spas. I had the idea for Olive & June and that shaped my transition from finance into beauty. I opened the salon in August 2013. I truly wanted to change the modern day manicure experience! Women had to either choose to make it a chore, or accept that it was a considerable splurge to get their nails done and I wanted to make it easy, accessible, and fun again.

What do you wish women knew about their mani/pedi habits?

It's not all about polish! The best treatments start with care — cuticle care, nail shaping, and nail maintenance. The polish is the icing on the cake!

Where does the name Olive & June come from?

Olive & June was named after my great grandmother and grandmother. Amazing women who I am truly inspired by.

How do you balance motherhood and the expanding business?

I try to do everything I can to spend quality time with my daughter (music classes, Sunday farmer's market visits) and also to focus intently on growing Olive & June in the best way possible. It's a daily dance.

What's something that has surprised you about motherhood?

I have always been so focused on work, and motherhood puts your life entirely into perspective. It's the most wonderfully grounding experience. And I truly, for the first time in my life, absolutely love my downtime because I get to be with her.

What are some daily tools you use to keep yourself balanced?

I love using aromatherapy oils, especially lavender. 

Morning / night rituals?

Almond milk lattes in the morning and tea at night. Plus baths whenever possible.

Mantra or best piece of advice you live by?

I firmly believe in loving and supporting your girl gang. We are all in this together!

*Experience an Olive & June indulgence for yourself at one of their three LA locations (Beverly Hills, Pasadena + Santa Monica) and online, IG, Pinterest, Snap Chat, Facebook, the works... <3

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