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As lovers of planet earth, Meg and Komie Vora have built an eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free fashion line to celebrate that message. Through Delikate Rayne, the L.A.-based sister entrepreneurs are creating a platform to honor and celebrate a sustainable way of life—and that extends to their food philosophy. For them, that means eating enough plants at mealtime, making tonics with their favorite Indian spice blends, and finding serenity...even in peak traffic hours.  

We caught up with the pair recently to hear more about their upbringing, the wellness rituals that keep them grounded and their favorite “happy” places around the city they call home.


How did your upbringing inform your focus on well-being?

Komie Vora: Our mom is a huge advocate for holistic healing, holistic medications, this idea of doing things naturally. She was doing this before it was a trend, or cool. She's been doing crystal healing, reiki healing, chakra reading, all that kind of stuff from day one. So that's always been a huge part of how we were raised.

She would really refrain from giving us medicine and stuff like that. But she always swore by turmeric. So any time we were sick or we had a sore throat, she would just mix milk with some turmeric and that was the cure-all.

I remember laying on the table and with a mirror, she would point out the different areas, "this chakra is for this, when you're feeling this type of way that means maybe there's a blockage here.” And so there was just a lot of great things that she took from Eastern medicine that she passed on to us and that plays a huge role in how we operate and live our lives today.


Do you have any wellness rituals you swear by in L.A.?

Meg Vora: Sunset hikes in Malibu are the best, especially on Sundays! I recently tried a personalized microinfusion with Vanessa Lee and honestly from a gal who has never had facials and skin treatments I had no idea what to expect...It's a DREAM—my skin is literally plumped, glowing, dewier and softer...so much that I need no makeup. Anytime I feel a semblance of sickness coming on I take Viracid capsules and concoct my own immunity shot (based on what my mom would give us growing up). I warm up a tablespoon of mixture of hardar (authentic, silky fine turmeric powder that you can pick up at an Indian store) and organic coconut oil sprinkled with Himalayan pink salt on top and just slurp it down once it's all melted together. I also like an apple cider vinegar drink in the winter to keep my health in check. You warm up water with a few spoons of lemon juice and freshly grated ginger (but don't boil it since the "mother" in apple cider vinegar will lose its benefits). Once warm, add a few tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar, few teaspoons of cayenne pepper and agave syrup to taste. I also try to incorporate fermented sauerkraut or spicy kimchi into whatever I am eating since it's a wonderful way to receive vitamin C and probiotics. I also currently loving this green juice recipe for when I need an antioxidant boost—orange juice mixed with a banana, liquid chlorophyll, rice bran syrup, and sesame/almond or olive oil.    


What are your morning and evening routines?

Meg Vora: I start every morning off with a homemade vanilla soy matcha or coffee w/ maca powder and cinnamon plus a big, healthy breakfast while going over emails. I like checking my daily life path/numerology scope for fun and also watch a video or two of bunnies playing/eating first thing in the morning because it just puts me in a happy mood and sets the right tone for the day. I will listen to NPR radio as I get ready and I never leave the house without face moisturizer/broad spectrum SPF even if it's cloudy out.

I usually like to answer all my messages from friends and family and catch up at night so I am not as distracted. Before I go to sleep I like to read (an actual, tangible book or an issue of Bloomberg BusinessWeek and not anything online!) while doing some sort of cruelty-free Korean sheet face mask. I also drink a glass of water with two teaspoons of Fountain the Glow Molecule before bed. My guilty pleasure on cheat days is my favorite Indian snack—masala banana chips—while watching Law & Order SVU or Homeland in sweats

Komie Vora: I'm really trying to refrain from checking my phone first thing in the morning. It's so hard not to because I'm tempted to check emails and social media, but that is such a toxic way to start off the day. So I'm really trying to have at least 10-15 minutes of meditation to help clear my thoughts and name things that I'm thankful for. I try to think of 5 different things every day so I can at least start my day with positive energy. Before I go to bed I take a shower, and I'll usually read a book or watch some type of documentary, speech, interviews that I can learn from or are inspiring. I think it is really important to feed your mind with knowledge before going to bed so that frequency is carried with you into your sleep.


Who are what is inspiring you right now?

Meg Vora: So many random things at the moment: my mistakes, Jacques Cousteau, old school Bollywood film soundtracks, the uncertainty of the future, LANY lyrics, Amma: Healing the Heart of the World by Judith Cornell, Boyan Slat and his work with The Ocean Cleanup, cryogenics, Lek Chailert, My weekly Bloomberg BusinessWeek issues, The Do Lectures, re-reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, anything by Paulo Coelho, and The Dear Moon Project.

Komie Vora: One of the most recent books I've read is Ask and It Is Given. I would recommend this book to anyone. It's life changing—the authors provide such great advice on how to just continue to better yourself and manifest your desires. It's one of those books you will keep going back to over and over again. I'm addicted to Lewis Howe's podcast School of Greatness and Tom Bilyeu's Impact Theory. Some of the interviews are really fascinating and exhilarating.
I really appreciate Jim Kwik's teachings and techniques as well.


What are your favorite "happy places" in L.A.?

Komie Vora: Living in L.A. we are kinda spoiled by being able to have the beach so close to us which I find extremely therapeutic.

I love that we also have access to so many amazing vegan restaurants such as Sage, Pura Vita (their Black Magic Lasagna is everything) and Mohawk Bend. I'm obsessed with their Angry Vegan pizza.

The Self-Realization Center in Pacific Palisades is incredible as well. It's so serene and peaceful. A great place to take self reflect and appreciate the beautiful nature surroundings; the perfect place to check out so you can check back in.


Meg Vora: Long drives down PCH and the Snake on Mulholland Drive. L.A. is such a commuter city, it's a circus of traffic all day every day. So to be able to drive openly, free-range while lost in my thoughts and favorite music is the best form of therapy.

The rooftop of Restoration Hardware is the perfect place to bring a beverage (usually grab a Moroccan or Thai Red Tea Latté from Urth Caffe' across the street), work on your laptop if you need a change of scenery or a cute place to hold meetings.

The top floor of the West Hollywood Library has floor-to-ceiling windows and the prettiest views of the city, the ideal situation to catch up on emails and research.

I love Monty's Good Burger. It's a vegan fast food spot with the most incredible burgers, tater tots. and secret milkshakes.

Paradise Cove Beach Cafe is a summertime must in Malibu: Think meals and smoothies literally on the sand, just quintessential southern California.

The Last Bookstore downtown. If you are a book aficionado you can't miss it. It's an iconic, literary and record treasure trove

The Getty Villa because it's gorgeous and you can lose yourself in a variety of art

The Bronson Caves because we all need to go somewhere that isn't Runyon Canyon at times.  (Fun fact: it was the entrance of the “Batcave” in the Batman TV series in the 60s.)

My secret late night vegan sushi spot at this random location in a strip mall...if I told it wouldn't be a secret anymore :)



 [Makeup credits by Joseph Adivari; Hair credits by Stephanie Alexandra]


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