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In the Sakara Spotlight series, we’re turning the tables on some of the amazing + accomplished souls that have chosen the Sakara Life program to fuel and fulfill their busy, beautiful lives. You may recognize Kimmy Scotti from her feature a few weeks back where she brought us through her journey from first generation immigrant family to total and complete lady boss. We were so in awe of her success, her triumphs (and challenges), and her daily hacks, that we needed to know more!
What's a day in the life of a such a fierce Sakaralite look like? Take it away, Kimmy.

6:00 AM

Rise and shine! I flat out REFUSE to use an alarm clock, so I just wake up on my own and “Rocket-ship” out of bed. Rocket-shipping involves kicking my feet slowly and then quickly, while counting down from 10 (out-loud)…and then when you get to one you JUMP out of bed like you are taking off.

I skip meditation this morning (I’ll pay for this later, I’m sure), grab a Sakara Beauty Water from the fridge as well as my Energy Bar, brew my detox tea and kick off my skincare regimen.

I don’t like to wear a ton of makeup, so I have to ensure my complexion is super clear. I add Image Iluma Powder to Naturopathica Oat Polish and make a mask which I wear while I brush my teeth, then I rinse off the mask and add a few drops of One Love Organics Oh Mega Calming Chia Oil to my Image Vital C Anti-Aging Serum and finish with Image 50+ SPF Moisturizer.

I finish my bar and detox tea in bed while I respond to emails and read the news in the morning.


8:00 AM

I meet my business partner, Joe, at Soul Cycle in midtown. We religiously work out as a team on Monday mornings and today we are in New York so we crush Soul. The team that spins together…wins together.


10:18 AM

Arrive at the office (running like a lunatic…) for the 8VC team meeting. I’m not as quick as my male counterparts at this whole getting ready thing so I dial into our Partner meeting from the Uber on the way. We review all of the fund’s operational needs and to-do’s, talk about what we have going on this week as a team and then focus on what is going on with our portfolio companies today: Who is hiring? Who needs marketing advice? Who is fundraising? What are the big priorities and major projects? Then the rest of our team dials in and we talk about what new deals we are deliberating right now.

Monday’s are my favorite…they are basically my Saturday night. 

12:10 PM

I finally get to my desk at Monthly Gift and touch base with the team before swallowing my Sakara Mermaid Salad and another Beauty Water. Mermaid Salad is the thing I am always hoping shows up for lunch – the little seaweed wrapped rice bites are filling and so delicious. Lauren tells me I have like an hour to answer the zillion emails that have popped up since this morning and make a call or two before my next meeting. GO!


1:00 PM

I jump into a meeting with a founder of a fast growing wearable tech company focused on women, we catch up on their business metrics and agree to meet in person next week. This is the best part of being an investor: meeting all of the amazing people with their incredible ideas. Swoon.


2:00 PM

I brew two detox teas, one for me and one for one of New York’s most promising Mayoral candidates. He stops by to talk to me about why he is running and what issues we think are most important to young professionals in New York today. We cover everything from homelessness to education and healthcare…we agree to plan an event to introduce him to friends in the tech community.


3:00 PM

Another pitch meeting! This time we are talking about a brand new company, pre-launch, creating a financial software…we decide it’s not for us during the meeting and we part friends.


4:30 PM

My lawyer stops in to see me for a new year chat – we talk a bit about the women’s initiative we are working on together to support female talent and clients in their firm, deals we have going on right now and have a new year catch up.


5:30 PM

Back at my desk for emails, a text or two to my boyfriend, a scroll through my Instagram feed. Dinner is going to start late and I am starving, so I make a smoothie. I add some Sun Potion Tocos, Ashwagandha and a pinch of Moringa, spin it with unsweetened almond milk and basically swallow the cup whole. I crush a few emails before heading out.


7:00 PM

I call my sister and co-founder, LisaMarie, on the way home to zhush my hair, touch up my makeup and grab my boyfriend before dinner. On the way out of the house we each draw a card from the Animal Sprit Deck...he pulls an Otter, the most playful and creative card in the deck and I pull the Black Egg. The Black Egg looks ominous BUT actually represents the truth and authenticity. It helps us see everything clearly and make sound decisions as well as speak from a place of power. This is the BEST card I have ever pulled!


8:00 PM

Drew, one of my partners, calls me in the car on the way to dinner. We talk about a deal we are both excited about and decide that we should pitch it to the rest of the team on Tuesday…I’m going to write up our thoughts and we will corroborate later in the week.


8:30 PM

Whenever my business partner, Alex (“Koli” to our team), is in town we host a dinner at Il Mulino, one of our favorite Italian places in New York.­ Drake mentions it in a song and Alex loves Drake. We bring five of the founders in our portfolio, one of our investors and my boyfriend Adam…what a lucky girl, eight dates! I arrive *on time* for once. Our CEOs trade strategies and war stories, we all catch up on our personal lives, the guys all meet (and like!) Adam and we stuff ourselves with delicious food. I have been a good Sakaralite all day and I enjoy some burrata (just a little), branzino, rosemary potatoes and tons of grilled veggies as well as some amazing red wine (a Super Tuscan…my fav) and then climb bleary eyed and full into an Uber home close to midnight. We are the last ones to leave the restaurant…as usual.



I answer a few more emails, light a black fig candle from ABC Home, slip into my PJs and load up on fluids – next to my bed are (yet another) Sakara Detox Tea, Detox Water, and some water water. I do basically the same skincare regimen I do in the morning, only instead of SPF, I add a night cream - Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Bio-Peptide Crème – which smells exactly like a creamsicle. Adam and I climb into bed and talk all about our days and the delicious dinner…and I fall asleep immediately after insisting that we *definitely* have time to watch an episode of West World.

xx Kimmy


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