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Warming, anti-inflammatory spices. Root vegetables abundant in antioxidants, vitamins A and C, and fiber. Dark, leafy greens filled with iron and folate. The foods of harvest time are naturally life-giving and protective, something to be grateful for any day of the year. 

Whatever your holiday gathering looks like, you can take comfort that sharing these plant-rich dishes is an act of resplendence and indulgence. After all, there is no better way to acknowledge the blessings, love, and life we have than with foods that provide vibrant health through a rainbow of colors, a medley of textures, and flavors that celebrate Mother Earth's autumnal bounty. Give one or all a place on your table this year. 


Kick off the festivities with a something to sip, slice, or snack on.

Full Moon Spiced Squash Soup

This soup has savory, umami undertones thanks to the chickpea miso and mushroom broth.


Abundance Platter 

What better way to bond and catch up with friends than gathered around a food board? Our version boasts purple figs, bright red pomegranates, and marigold delicata squash.



Classic Chopped Salad 

We love that this twist on a classic is satiating, hydrating, and looks beautiful when served to guests or for a party of one. 


Roasted Artichoke and Caramelized Onion Galette

A nourishing galette that celebrates the rustic, the rumpled, and all things charming in their imperfection.


Pickled Watermelon Radishes 

Taking a cue from the Romans, we pickled our Watermelon Radishes in vinegar and honey for some gut-healing probiotics.



Create an abundant mezze with multiple dishes or make one the star of the meal. 

Marinated Beets with Coarse-Ground Mustard 

A far cry from canned beets or often harsh-tasting raw varieties, the vinegar and mustard in this recipe allow the beets' true deep flavor to shine.

Crispy Squash Bites

These falafel-like garlicky goodies are chock full of flavor; notes of pepper, cumin, and "cheezy" nutritional yeast stand out. 


Spicy Green Protein Seed Crackers

A yummy replacement at your charcuterie board, try swapping toasts for these flavorful, grain-free crackers. Plus, no dehydrator or deep fryer is required here. The toothsome texture comes courtesy of seeds like chia, pumpkin, flax, or sesame.


Herbal Beans, Two Ways

There are a duo of renditions to choose from. One spicy and Southwestern, spiked with heirloom chiles, the other a twist on French, herbaceous white bean stew.


Pan-Roasted Mushrooms Served with Smoky Red Pepper Tahini 

The real star of this satiating dish comes from the deep reddish-orange, smoky, creamy tahini that uses red jalapeños.


Roasted Cauliflower Head with Coconut Yogurt and Pomegranate 

An edible Thanksgiving centerpiece that’s plant-rich, warming, complex in flavor, and downright gorgeous.


Black Bean Pasta with Almond Romesco 

We top this dish with our nod to Spanish Romesco sauce, a robust mix of almonds, roasted red peppers, olive oil, and sherry vinegar.


Margherita Spaghetti Squash With Classic Kale Salad

Beyond the squash, this dish hits you with ample flavor courtesy of basil and red pepper flakes, a dash of omega-3 fats from hemp seeds, and chlorophyll-rich kale. 



Imaginative and indulgent, these tarts, crumbles, and crisps send guests home with sweet memories 


Slow Burn Brownies with Cinnamon-Caramel Drip

A gooey, decadent brownie with a functional twist...you'll want to lick the whole pan.



Festive Cream Tarts 

One or all of the three delicious tart fillings is sure to delight you and your guests: fresh, fruity coconut; decadent, chocolatey mint chip; and spicy, nutty pumpkin. 


Apple and Stone Fruit Crumble with Pistachio Oat Crunch

A classic finish, this crumble also doubles as a delicious day-after breakfast accompanied by creamy coconut yogurt.


Superfood Cookie Dough Bites

Three of our favorite superfoods—cacao nibs, flaxseed, and hemp seeds—in sweet, doughy little nibbles.


Fig & Plum Pavlova

A plant-based recipe for the fluffiest, whipped-to-perfection pavlova is made from aquafaba, or chickpea liquid, and topped with mineral-rich plums and figs. 


Raw Pumpkin Pie 

A mix of almonds, walnuts, and dates create a textured, nubbly base for the light, sweet and creamy filling. 



Lattés, libations, and digestifs...sip mindfully and with joy. 


Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

A flavorful coffee elixir with a metabolism-revving twist 


Sober-Curious Apple Orchard Cider

The ultimate cold-weather, spirit-optional elixir


The Mighty Matcha

This simple yet delicious recipe includes grain-free, organic plant protein; packs one full serving of greens; and supports lean muscle development


The Honey-Mint Digestif

We transformed this simple sachet into a high tea ritual to help get digestion moving 








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