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Memorial Day Weekend may be the unofficial kick-off to summer, but technically, the season begins today—Friday, June 21st at 12:24am. The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year...the day our planet is closest to the sun, which is shining directly on top of the Tropic of Cancer.

The first day of summer being regarded as cause for celebration and sun worshipping is nothing new; traditional rituals and customs abound throughout history. The summer solstice was considered the first day of the calendar by the Greeks, while the Chinese used this day to pay tribute to femininity and honor. In Sweden, after a day-long Midsummer celebration filled with outdoor dancing and festivities, young women place seven different kinds of flowers underneath their pillows in order to ensure their future husbands will appear in their dreams. And according to folklore, on Jonsmessa, observed in Iceland on June 24, animals are thought to gain the power of human speech.

Rituals performed all around the globe at the solstice reflect the Earth’s abundance and energy this time of year, reminding us of the fullness of life and the importance of connecting with nature and our true selves. If the solstice spirit moves you—or if you just need a way to pass the extra hours of sunlight—here is a summer manifestation ritual to help you mark this annual milestone...and maybe even turn some of your deepest summertime desires into real, tangible things.



  1. Make a list on a piece of paper of the things you wish to manifest, renew and enhance in your life during this season, as well as the things you wish to release. As you set your intentions for the weeks and months ahead, be as holistic and all-encompassing as possible (so consider your career, relationships, friendships, family and personal development).
  2. Wait until the sun goes down tonight, then light a candle and place some fresh flowers beside it. Close your eyes and meditate on your list. Breathe deeply. Tap into your deep-rooted powers of manifestation. Call on your angels, spirit guides and the divine powers of the universe to come to your aid.
  3. Now, repeat these words aloud: “I gather in the power of this day of Greatest Light. I call in the guardians of Fire, Earth, Air and Water to bring in the last grace of Power in Light to manifest my desires in the coming harvest. I ask that this be done within the Greater Good.”
  4. Next, read your list aloud, with sincerity and significance. Remember that what you think, you create—so be specific!
  5. When you’re done reading your list, seal your ritual by saying, “I affirm I am able and willing to allow these wishes to manifest and I participate in the miracle of creation with faith. So be it. And so it is.” You can also say “A-HO!” to stamp your intentions into the Earth and make them so. Allow your candle to burn all the way out.


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