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If you're interested in living well for 200 years, look no further than this Chinese herb-focused drink, courtesy of Erewhon's Tonic bar founder, Truth Calkins, (read more about his transformative thoughts on plant medicine here.) 


The Reishi Cappuccino, my first specialty drink I made at the Erewhon tonic bar, back in 2005, is the best starting elixir, for everyone, for love, gratitude, and creativity.  It’s a winner.  And people who don’t like herbs, or anything healthy, like it.  But what is most amazing, is how people feel, and how they change over the next few days after on this drink.  Then they will want it again.  This drink put the tonic bar on the map, and can change the world.


Reishi Cappuccino:

11 oz. warm Spring Dragon Longevity tea by Dragon Herbs, in blender

add 1 level Tablespoon raw cacao powder

add 1/3 level teaspoon extracted Reishi powder

add 1/2 level teaspoon extracted He Shou Wu powder

add 1 level Tablespoon cacao nibs

add 2 level Tablespoons colostrum powder

add 2 level teaspoons coconut oil

add 1 teaspoon birch xylitol

add 3 droppers full Lo Han liquid (or Sweetfruit Drops by Dragon Herbs)

add 5 drops plain stevia clear liquid

add dash of ground cinnamon

blend well, serve, drink while warm.


(alternate sweeteners: 3/4 teaspoon raw honey, or 2 teaspoons Monkfruit Lakanto, or 2 teaspoons SugaVida, or a blend of the above) - the original recipe uses stevia, which is often too sharp, but with the bitterness of the Reishi and cacao, the hyper sweetness of a little stevia, does work the best for this drink.  But feel free to try other sweeteners.  Also, there are a few people who don’t like chocolate.  For these people, exclude the cocoa powder and nibs, reduce the stevia to 3 drops, and use 1 & 1/2 teaspoons vanilla bean powder to replace the chocolate.  Now you have a Vanilla Reishi Latte.

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