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It may feel very 2017, but crystal healing is in fact an ancient practice used in civilizations the world over. Ancient Greeks wore amethyst to ward off drunkenness and hangovers, while Chinese emperors over 1000 years ago were buried in jade armor. Crystals became a source of fascination and reverence some years, as well, for Anjanette Sinesio. Through her storied career in art, jewelry, film + television, there's been a common tie of connecting outer glow with inner beauty, and after a few aha moments, Anjanette integrated the mundane task of drinking water with the high-vibrational energy of crystals thus creating Gem Water. Retailing in Neiman Marcus, jewelry boutiques, and Bloomingdale's Dubai, Anjanette is transforming hydration into the most chic, healing experience possible. Read on to understand why your water could use a truly enchanting gem-infused upgrade.  


Will you please share with us your journey, where you started, and how you ended up with Gem Water?

After graduating from Parsons School of Design, I was hired by James Lipton to help him start the Actors Studio School of Dramatic Arts. I started as his assistant and in a few months our little program became its own stand alone University. Jim became the Dean of the School and I became the Director of the School and, simultaneously, the Executive in Charge of Production of the Emmy award-winning TV show Inside the Actors Studio. Needless to say, that dual role took up all of my time and I wasn’t doing any design work. Eventually, I really felt it was time for me to pursue a field I had worked so hard to prepare for at Parsons. I first began working in communications and marketing for Mayor’s Jewelers 21 years ago, then held Executive VP level jobs for other brands like Stefan Hafner, Chimento, and LEVIEV.

For years I really wanted to pursue my own business in jewelry and start my own brand or open a store. One of my dear friends and I decided to start a business together and in 2006, I went on to serve as the President and Creative Director of Diamond in the Rough, which exclusively launched at Bergdorf Goodman, later expanding to Neiman Marcus and fine independent jewelers worldwide.

The market crash of 2008/2009 changed our business model and in 2012 I decided to leave and started a new business in 2012 called SKY and LIVI. After seeing too many of my friends and family go through chemotherapy, and the trauma of losing their hair, an idea came to me that there was a way I could have a jewelry business that was also philanthropic and helped women on a deeper level.  The idea was women could take their hair and instead of just discarding it they could create their very own lab-grown diamond using the carbon from their own hair. I wanted to create an empowering alternative to the sadness and trauma of that moment. Over millions of years, under extreme heat and pressure, a diamond crystalizes and forms the most incredible stone. It’s the hardest natural substance on Earth. We, as carbon-based life, share that very essence. To tap into that strength metaphorically and create an empowering symbol to help women beat the disease became a very moving idea for me. I wanted them to say “Hey, I’m as strong and as beautiful as a diamond, and I can beat this disease!” A few years after we launched, Lizzie, my friend and muse, got pregnant after being cancer-free but received news a few months into her pregnancy that her cancer had come back. Sadly, six weeks after giving birth to her beautiful daughter she passed away. I was heart broken and decided to stop the business. 

The universe unfolded its magic when I came across Vitajuwel, a German company created by Ewald Eisen. I knew I wanted to create something with them. I fell in love with their product and knew I could bring it to my jewelry stores and fashion partners. I bought the products, tested them myself, and simply fell in love. Truly tasting the difference and coming to understand the scientific and metaphysical benefits completely changed the experience of drinking water for me. I had this realization that for 20 years I’ve helped women adorn themselves on the outside with jewelry and gems. Now, I had this opportunity to help women harness the power of gems to create beauty on the inside. It was so powerful to me. I knew this was now my calling.


Why do you feel crystals and gems are so powerful/ healing?

I dont just feel, I know gems are powerful. They are energetic treasures of mother nature. Like the quartz used in digital watches that vibrate at such a precise frequency they help power a watch, gemstones possess their own energetic vibration at a molecular level. Crystals are used in SO MANY of our most important everyday items and we just dont even think about it. For example, think of an LCD screen. LCD means Liquid Crystal Display - our computers, smart phones, digital cameras, and watches use this technology. NASA uses diamonds – in fact the nickname ice” comes from their extraordinary thermal conductivity, which transmits heat so efficiently they feel ice-cold to the touch. Most diamonds conduct electricity poorly, with the exception being the most rare blue diamonds, which become superconductors when cooled to ultra-low temperatures, allowing limitless current flow. So, engineers and scientists have just as much of a love affair with crystals and gems as we do.


Why is this way of drinking water important? What are the benefits?

Gem-Water takes your regular water and turns it into extraordinary H2O by enlivening it with the energy of our special gemstone combinations. The result is living water with a crystal structure that is comparable to pure spring water. Studies have shown that water is elastic and has a memory that can be informed by the natural vibration of the crystals. Independent labs have also proven the additional product benefits of higher alkalinity and oxygen content. When we dont properly hydrate, our bodies cant function at their highest potential. My mission at Gem-Water is to share with the world, one of the most beautiful ways to help your body stay hydrated. I also personally love the naturopathic and metaphysical benefits the gemstones also provide for people. For some, thats too woo woo, but for me its very real.


Do you use crystals in other rituals of your day? 

I have crystals everywhere. In my bag with me at all times, on my desk, on my body, my rough diamond wedding ring. They are all over my house for both décor and energy I want transmitted in certain areas of my home. My husband carries his crystals in his pocket every day and has a huge labradorite on his desk that I recently gave him that is so magical. I use polished Kyanite sticks as part of my beauty regimen to rub oil into my skin at night. I touch them, I look at them, and I drink in their beautiful energy every day. And when I feel like our home needs energy cleared I light up sage or palo santo so it can all fly right out our windows.


When was the moment you realized this idea for Gem Water could become a viable business?

In the summer of 2016, at a wellness centerI saw this stunning water decanter with gems floating in this beautiful glass wand.  I literally felt drawn to it so powerfully. I needed that water and was like, "holy shit, this is my new business!" I was immediately enamored and intrigued by the beauty of it. And after more researchof coursethe functionality and environmental benefits were truly remarkable. I thought I had pretty much seen it all. But, every now and then, you come across something fabulously new...yet old...and become enchanted. I learned of gem-water's ancient roots, and it became all the more compellingits an ancient tradition for the modern world. As a jewelry connoisseur and lover of gems, I simply fell in love and knew instantly that I could contribute to the well being of people and the planet by bringing these health-enhancing and environmentally-friendly products to all my fellow gem and jewelry lovers. 


Who are your favorite healers and practitioners?

On a very personal level, my dear friend, soul sister and shaman, Colleen McCann of Style Rituals. Colleen emanates positive energy and uses her training in crystal healing and space clearing to provide counsel to others and share her techniques for self-healing and self-care. Her energy and dedication is truly infectious and is such a gift to me. Merle Morgan, who is also a friend, is an amazing healer and acupuncturist based in Playa Vista (and happens be a champion Tango dancer). Ive studied with Vedic Astrologer Jeffrey Armstrong, who holds a very special place in my heart. I learned so much about myself through his Vedic astrology reading and relationship work. Someone who regularly works on my body is Yuka Okajima at Acutonix in Venice. Shes the most amazing massage therapist that intuitively works with your body. Others who have inspired me through their words – Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, and Eckart Tolle, to name a few...


For someone who is new to crystals in general, where do you feel is a good place to start? What are some good "training wheel" gems

I love to read and refer to the book Love is in the Earth – the Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia by MELODY. It literally weighs like 20lbs and is my go-to for delving into everything you want to know. I think great starter gems are rose quartz, clear quartz and amethyst to invite love and wellness into your life. I love that Colleen, my friend and shaman, describes clear quartz as the black skinny jean” of the crystal world. Its your go-to with everything crystal that amplifies the energy of all your other stones.


Sakara and Gem Water seem to share the philosophy that everyday, simple practices (like eating mindfully and drinking water) can be glamorous, pleasurable, alluring experiences. Why do you think it's powerful to transform these everyday "to-dos" into something special?

Because it makes those mundane to-dos” in life so much more beautiful and fun. When I look at my gem-water bottle next to my desk, for example, it actually makes me smile and I immediately look to see if ittime to fill it up. I always had a hard time drinking enough water, and now that that problem is non-existent, my life has changed. When you consider were over 70% waterand literally would die without itI say, why not make that a beautiful ritual?  That, combined with their aesthetic beauty, the many traditional naturopathic benefits, and helping reduce the enormous annual carbon footprint created by plastic water bottles--  for me, made the concept of Gem-Water a triple threat.  My immediate thought was, I want the world drinking water from this bottle!


Do you have any products that you love for your personal wellness routine? Morning, night routine?

In the evenings I rub tamanu oil by Tamanu Oil Lab into my skin with a polished kyanite wand. I love their Radiant blend that has ylang ylang in it. The scent just transports me on top of making my skin feel and look incredible. I take this hemp oil every day by Prime my Body that has really boosted my overall energy throughout the day and Im kind of addicted to it now, and so is my hubby. And one of my best product purchases has been my electric toothbrush. My teeth feel so much cleaner, and when I go for my regular cleanings my hygienist is always saying how much better my teeth are. I have the all white Philips Sonicare DiamondClean. OK, now I have to laugh at how many things around me have diamond in the nameeven my car color is diamond white.


Why did you feel the need to share this business venture? And how can you convert the non-believers? 

Because water is life! I am a jewelry designer and gem lover. Using gems to restructure and enliven water was literally one of those aha moments for me. It was almost like gem-water chose me, something I just couldnt resist doing. Water bottles are an accessory and our gem-water bottle actually does something to your water. To the non-believers, I askwhy carry a bottle that just holds your dead water? Carry a water bottle that constantly enlivenyour everyday water athe natural vibrational energy of the gems work their magic. Anyone who is still not convinced can taste it for him/herself.  The proof is in the water.


What do you want your legacy to be? What's the mark you want to leave behind?

Wowyou started this interview off with my journey and now ending with what I want my legacy to be – these are such good questions!  Im going to make this one really short. The legacy I want to leave is simply love. I think you could leave your family or charities millions of dollars, but leaving people feeling loved is priceless.


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