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*Introducing the first ever Sakara Hot List! We're bringing you exclusive content from a carefully curated group of influencers who, frankly, just get us HOT
We searched high and low for the hottest artists, creators, entrepreneurs, fitness-pros, and all-around influential tastemakers who motivate and inspire us with the unique and daring ways they are turning their #thoughtstothings


Astrid Swan balances badass bootcamp intensity with a big heart and boundless support to all of her clients. After starting as an international model at the age of 15, Astrid quickly recognized the importance of healthy eating and fitness while navigating an industry plagued by body image and eating challenges.  This led her to train many of her fellow models and ultimately embark on the amazing career she has now, where she continues to uplift men and women through her personal training (Julianne Hough is a client) and packed out Barry's Bootcamp classes. 

She's never afraid to bring the heat, is determined to make everyone feel their best and will kick your booty into top gear while cracking a few jokes. #SakaraHotList!  


Name: Astrid Swan @astridswan

Location: Los Angeles

Job: Personal trainer, Master Trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp, Fitness expert

Mission: To honor your body - if you don’t treat it with respect, you will have nowhere to live. 

Favorite Sakara meal to heat up: Chia Pumpkin Bread with Cacoa Creme

Favorite winter activity: Hot tubs and hot chocolate! 

Song that gets you hot: Anything by Pitbull! 

What do you do to stay hot? Why does it work? Hot showers and HIIT workouts because both rise my body temperature up! 

When do you feel hot?  I feel hot after a quick hiit workout that gives me a glow but doesn’t ruin my blowout! lol!  

What's a hot project you're working on right now? Can’t tell you yet!  Stay tuned!

What's the next hot thing in personal training? Working on joint mobility!  


astrid swan sakara life

astrid swan sakara life

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