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Smart reads worthy of your summer lineup

No beach tote’s complete without a trusted SPF, chic pair of shades, and, of course, a juicy page-turner. Whether you’re soaking in local sunshine or eyeing a tropical vacation on the horizon, we’ve compiled a list of reads that go beyond risqué romance (no shame, just not this list) and delve into the tantalizing realms of science and spirit.

Below, smart reads worthy of your summer literature lineup. 


Energy Medicine 

Jill Blakeway—Sakara Science Council Member, founder of the Yinova Center, and Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine—invites us on her personal journey as a renowned energy healer in her third book. In Blakeway’s hands, you’ll discover the vast and restorative powers of the science (and art) of energy medicine and be introduced to its variety of practitioners, ranging from Princeton professors to a Japanese mystic. 

10% Human

Did you know that during your lifespan you’ll carry the equivalent weight of five elephants in microbes? Explore the fundamental (and eye-opening) relationship we each have with our microbiome—and how we can truly nourish it—with evolutionary biologist and science writer Alanna Collen.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

This empowering and uplifting read from Dr. Joe Dispenza reminds us that we can create the reality of our choosing and alter our sense of self for the better—grounding his work in evidence from epigenetics, neuroscience, and quantum physics. Think of it as sun-kissed self-work. (And don’t forget to tune in to our podcast episode featuring Dispenza as a guest, too.)

Eat to Beat Disease

Food is medicine: every time you sit down to eat, you have the power to influence your body’s ability to fend off disease and inflammation. Learn how to promote healing from within with health defense specialist and Sakara Science Council Member Dr. William Li’s fascinating new book on using food as a tool for resilience, from why eating organic is worth the investment to specific foods that reduce your risk of dementia. 

Use Your Planets Wisely

So, you’re a Virgo. What else is there to it? In her stellar book, psychological astrologer and Sakara Science Council Member Dr. Jennifer Freed will help you better understand your cosmic DNA, allowing you to attune to your place—and path through—the universe. (You can listen to her read our founder Danielle Duboise’s birth chart here and begin to better understand the cosmic “lesson plans” that life has in store for all of us.)

Lymph and Longevity

Maybe you’ve heard of lymphatic drainage—but what is the lymph, really? The main part of our body responsible for transporting and excreting toxins, the lymph is a largely untapped component of health—one that helps keep inflammation and puffiness at bay. Author and renowned cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Gerald Lemole explores the lymph as the “river of health” and reveals tips for keeping it flowing (like eating your water) in his groundbreaking book.

This Is Your Brain On Food

As a pioneer in nutritional psychiatry, Sakara Science Council Member Dr. Uma Naidoo is uniquely qualified to speak to the powerful intersection of nutrition, culinary arts, and mental health (which is just another reason we loved having her on our podcast). Her new book draws the intimate connection between all the systems in our bodies, specifically pointing to how to boost our mental well-being through foods like herbs, spices, and dark chocolate. 

Eat Clean, Play Dirty

A cookbook may not seem like the ideal beach read, but this particular one—from our founders and co-CEOs Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle—infuses education and inspiration via recipes for plant-rich snacks, healing meals, and celebratory mocktails/cocktails. (Hello, vacation-ready Sedona Sunset Margarita.)


Prefer to listen? Tune into The Sakara Life Podcast and explore the space where science meets spirit with Sakara founders and co-CEOs Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle alongside doctors, researchers, mystics, and more.  


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