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In A Deeper Sensuality is Waiting, we spoke with a trio of doctors, healers, and culture-changers on what true sensuality means and how it’s central to our overall well-being. They also provided wisdom on how to keep our sensuality bubbling on low at all times. Below, some ideas, big and small, that help to connect to the powerful life force within us every day.

Move Freely

Dancing is such a mood-lifting, fun, sensual thing to do,” says Jennifer Zuccarini, self-described lingerie enthusiast and founder of influential brands Kiki de Montparnasse and Fleur du Mal. “It’s primal really. You don’t have to go to a club; dance classes can satisfy that as well. When I’m in a great dance class, there is an amazing energy, everyone is so happy. And you know what they say about good dancers.” 

Start Your Engine

The more you feed yourself healthy, nutritious foods, the better you're going to feel. “You're putting gas in the engine, good gas. You're revving yourself up,” says Emily Morse, a doctor of Human Sexuality and host of the Sex with Emily podcast. “If we are stimulating the blood flow through our body we're going to be more turned on.” 

Indulge The Senses 

Dr. Megan Fleming, an NYC-based sex and relationship therapist advises enlisting all of your senses. “It need not be a mind-blowing orgasm,” she says. “Taste three or four chocolates, notice the subtleties in texture and flavor.” It’s about training your brain to be in the moment, the key to living a sensual life. “If you’re in your head all the time, it can hinder your intuition, your gut, your curiosity” 

Let Go Of The Superficial 

Understanding that women have a complex relationship with their bodies, Dr. Fleming advises embracing your body at the moment. “How much pleasure you feel is not related to your current weight or how many wrinkles you have,” she says. 

Truly See Yourself 

Dr. Fleming recommends women stand naked in front of a mirror and seek out five things you like about yourself, big or small. “It can be the way your hair falls, your jawline, your breasts,” she says. “By focusing on what you like, you start to appreciate what is a turn on for you. Bring your attention to that. Studies have shown that when women love their bodies, they feel more pleasure, they have more orgasms.” 


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