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There’s a connection between sexual energy and your metabolism. An unlikely pairing at first blush, but fully embracing sensuality relies on dropping into the physical. So many of us are detached and uncomfortable there—for more reasons than room to list—but one in particular, is feeling sluggish and foggy. While metabolism has a reputation for dealing with weight, it’s a chemical process necessary to maintain life, help the body “pick up the pace”, and achieve system-wide synchronicity. A thriving metabolism promotes circulation and proper blood flow; both functions are critical for spiking sex drive, dilating, and finding yourself in the mood for seduction.

And if you thought seduction was only applicable in the realms of romance, think again. Writer and feminist, Audre Lorde, once wrote, “For the erotic is not only a question of what we do; it is how acutely and fully we feel in the doing.” Meaning, everything in life can be a seductive, pleasurable experience, so long as we accept the invitation: to take things slow, become more present, and lean into the erotic. Not to mention, the polarity of a fast-acting metabolism and a slow and sensual headspace, creates tension that is primed for pleasure.  

What better way to kick off your own sensual exploration than with food, the thrice daily act that gets all five senses involved? 

Below, discover recipes that are lessons in pleasure; put them together as an act of self-nourishment, luxuriate in the process, and savor as you take each bite. Notice the flavors, the textures, and let it sit on your tongue a while instead of eating unconsciously. The ingredients were mindfully chosen for their ancient plant wisdom, and their capacity to encourage blood flow, energy, and prana in the physical body. Enjoy.




Far from your typical chocolate fondue, this cacao drizzle is designed to spike libido thanks to its base. Coconut butter contains healthy fatty acids that help to lubricate your systems and remedy vaginal dryness. Then, the minerals from the maple syrup support your detox pathways, namely your liver, and its job to rid the body of excess estrogen. Hormonal balance is essential in awakening your sex drive. The black pepper piperine in the Metabolism Super Powder promotes better circulation and increased blood flow, which stimulates the pelvic floor. Finally, the adaptogens that skyrocket this dip to the erotic cosmos, are ashwagandha and rhodiola; we like to take ashwagandha every day, as a measure to soothe the adrenal glands and boost happy hormones. Rhodiola has been studied to promote tumescence, or physical arousal in both men and women. The combination of these plant allies results in a sexy drip that plays well with luscious fruits, dates, or dried citrus. 



Optional adaptogens:

  • 1 teaspoon ashwagandha 
  • 1 teaspoon rhodiola 

Optional fruits for dipping: dried persimmons, dried pineapple, figs, dates, goji berries, or fresh fruit



  1. In a double boiler, warm coconut butter and coconut oil until it becomes liquid.
  2. In a bowl, combine melted coconut butter, maple syrup, plant-based mylk, and Metabolism Powder. Mix until smooth.
  3. Dip citrus, dates, or luscious fruits of choice into cacao-coconut butter before it cools and hardens.



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