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Sakaralites, meet Carla Harshman. You can find her traversing New York, usually donning a beret, Jackie O oversized glasses and glowing, radiant skin. She's put in the woman hours to snag that enviable complexion, though, with an intricate multi-step routine and a lovingly thorough self-care regimen. We've tapped her to share her expertise in putting your best face forward— whether it be re-thinking your coffee habit, grocery shopping for good skin, or why Manuka honey is the holy grail

Dive into her day, filled with creative projects, meetings in Brooklyn, museum dates, beauty side-hustles, and a power (Sakara) lunch. 



7:00 am: Wake-up (this counts as sleeping-in. I generally [TRY to] get up at 5:30/6:00 am to workout).


7:20 am: Actually wake-up after hitting the snooze button twice (mornings are tough).



7:20 am: Stretch in bed (my body is super stiff in the AM, I’m an ex-ballet dancer + things crack a lot. Stretching gets my blood flowing + body feeling alive... again). Step out of bed and dry brush, gets blood flowing even more, stimulates lymphatic drainage, firms skin, AND prevents cellulite. We like this. 



7:30 am: First things first. I use an ice roller over my entire face, focusing on eyes for three minutes, followed by a jade, or hematite roller depending on my mood for another three minutes. Skin rollers are excellent for draining lymphatic fluids, reducing puffiness, preventing fine lines + firming skin tone (YES!).


7:40 am: After I roll, I dampen skin + apply Manuka Honey over my entire face as a mask. I leave honey on for as long as time will allow, but I aim for at least 20 minutes five days a week. Manuka is incredibly healing, it hydrates, exfoliates, heals acne, improves skin tone, and brightens and it’s so gentle, yet very effective, which is why I love using it on (almost) a daily basis. (Read my thoughts on why Manuka Honey should be a part of your beauty regime here on The S Life Mag).

While honey is doing its thing, I prepare lemon water with cayenne pepper, turmeric, and fresh ginger. Cayenne boosts our metabolism, turmeric heals acne, helps fade scars, and is a wonderful anti-inflammatory + ginger is loaded with antioxidants. It also evens skin tone and increases elasticity. Everything we put into our body affects us internally, so we might as well give it good purpose with what we choose to ingest on a daily basis, this is one of the top reasons I love and appreciate Sakara Life SO much, it’s delicious + good for you. I drink a lot of water too, to flush toxins out of my body. I start with 3-4 glasses in the AM and drink continually throughout the day – it makes skin glow. In the AM, I add five full droppers of Sakara Life Beauty Water to one of my many glasses. It contains rose and silica. Both wonderful ingredients for boosting the glow factor and silica helps increase collagen production and firm skin.


7:50 am: Still honey masking, I light palo santo, hold a crystal (lately, I’m gravitating towards rose quartz – encourages love, kind thoughts, reduces stress, and opens the heart), and meditate for 20 minutes. Sometimes it’s journaling, but I prefer to have this time to focus my thoughts on the day and set my intentions. It keeps me grounded, focused, + feeling positive.



8:10 am: Eat breakfast (my favorite meal). Today on the menu, Sakara Life’s Cacao Chip + Almond Waffles w| Amber Maple Syrup. I love sweets, this is such a treat. It’s delicious without feeling too heavy and leaving you with carb-guilt. I can eat this every morning. :)


8:30 am: Wash honey off – spritz with rose water to keep skin hydrated.


8:45 am: Quick AM stroll, it’s important for me to get fresh air and get my body moving. I work as a consultant + work from home a lot, so I like to start my day moving + out of the apartment and generally, I will grab a coffee (I’m a new coffee drinker! Yikes, right?!). #AMERICANO.



9:30 am: Go through inbox, respond to emails, make phone calls, etc…work on current projects, i.e.: research product ingredients for my lip products. I’m developing (super luxe, delicious, and absolutely gorgeous in color + taste) a line of fun, sexy, beautiful products, more details to come, so stay tuned. :)


10:15 am: Get ready for day – shower, wash face, apply makeup. I have a business meeting to get to, but I prefer a "no makeup-makeup" look, so I get ready pretty fast. Natural, gorgeous, glowing skin is the best, and I’m a big fan of a top knot, or sexy bedhead. I don’t wash my hair everyday, the dirtier the better, it gives hair great texture. Everything should be slightly undone.


    • CLEAN: Biologique Recherche LAIT VIP O2 (Creamy, hydrating, and massaged into dry skin. Known as the “anti-pollution” cleanser, a must for city life.)
    • TONE: Biologique Recherche LOTION P50 1970 (Cult product because it works. It hydrates, it exfoliates, it heals breakouts, it evens skin tone, it makes you glow, just buy it, it’s that good.)
    • EXFOLIATE: I’m already exfoliating with my daily honey mask and my toner, so I want to use something that’s super gentle and rice powder calmly helps to gently lift extra dead skin and smooth the skin tone in the most delicate way, while still doing it’s job and providing a serious glow factor. I like Tatcha’s Rice Enzyme Powder for those exact reasons.
    • EYE CREAM: The skin around our eyes is super thin and delicate, which is why we see signs of aging here first. It’s uber important to keep well hydrated. I’m a little extreme about this because I wanna stay fresh for as long as possible. I use three products, the same for AM + PM. 1) Mario Badescu Cellufirm Drops, 2) Kiehl's Midnight Recovery (it’s totally okay to use this during the day), and 3) La Mer moisturizing cream. Yes, I’m using the face cream for my eyes. It’s rich and creamy and doesn’t make my undereye concealer look dry after an hour its been applied. It also has kept fine lines away, so yes to this.
    • NECK CREAM: I don’t want tech-neck! It’s totally a thing, so I moisturize this part of my body like crazy. I like Mario Badescu Vitamin A-D-E Neck Cream.
    • SPF: Sun protection is serious + should be applied even on gloomy days to fight UV rays. I lived in Texas + Miami for a year + growing up in the south I’ve had my fair share of sun exposure and it’s brutal. I really like this sunscreen because it doesn’t clog pores, it’s actually healing and great for treating breakouts, it’s not greasy and it makes skin glow even more, as well as helping to even skin tone. It’s the best! elta md UV CLEAR BROAD-SPECTRUM SPF 46. I apply everyday NO MATTER WHAT.
    • HYDRATE: Moisture is key to keeping skin looking healthy and glowing. A lot of people are afraid to moisturize because they think it’s actually going to cause them to break out, but it’s the exact opposite actually. If your skin is dehydrated it produces more sebum (oil) because it’s dry and trying to hydrate, as a result it’s more likely to breakout because it’s over producing oil. Keep skin well hydrated AM + PM for healthy + happy skin. I like elta md AM THERAPY. My skin is acne prone and this works well because it’s gentle and great for sensitive skin. It keeps my skin clear.
    • HYDRATE PART TWO: After I moisturize and through the day, I use a hydrating spray. It’s kind of an obsession for me, and I have many different ones I use (including my own I’m developing), but my favorite of the moment is also a Mario Badescu product. It’s great and it’s cheap (Facial Spray w|Herbs, Aloe, and Rose Water – $7 bucks!). It smells heavenly and it leaves my skin perfectly dewy.



    • Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (I live for this. Even with no makeup on, curling your lashes opens your entire face up. My favorite beauty tool!)
    • Kevyn Aucoin Contour Powder (I use this as eyeliner too, smudged against the lash line with a tiny brush. It’s super sexy.)
    • If I wear eyeliner, it’s generally brown. It’s softer and not as harsh as black and feels more natural. I like using a pencil because it’s easy to work with and manipulate.
    • Nars Blush in Orgasam (Everyone + their mother has this, but it is a great color. Perfect flush + shimmer + flattering on most skin tones).
    • Hourglass Ambient Blush (This product is beautiful, I like using this as eyeshadow too when I do use a shadow. It makes your face glow and look like you’ve slept for 12-hours).
    • Anastasia Clear Brow Gel (YES to bold brows. This is a must for keeping brows neat + in place. I like to brush my brows up, it opens the eye more and looks fresh, youthful, + sexy).
    • Lucas’ Papaw Ointment (I’ve been using this for years. An Australian product I first learned about from an Aussie makeup artist I was working with on-set. It’s brilliant. I use it as an eye-gloss. It’s super sexy + fresh. It can also be used on the lip, cheekbones, + makes a great cuticle cream.
    • MAC Extreme Dimension Mascara (I go back + forth with mascara, but currently digging this. It’s soft + natural looking + doesn’t clump for me, or get too dry).
    • Glossier Skin Tint in medium (Perfect for just the right amount of polish without feeling like you are wearing a ton of makeup. It’s basically like you’re applying a cute Instagram filter to your skin).
    • Clé de Peau Concealer in Almond (This is pricey, but it’s the best on the market that I’ve found. It’s not drying and it has exceptional coverage. It’s excellent for under eye circles + spot treating if you have a blemish or scar).
    • Tata Harper Illuminator (I love anything that makes me glow + look dewy + this product does just that. It’s creamy + absolutely delicious. I apply on my upper cheekbones, just above my temples, center of my nose, corners of my eyes, and the bow of my lips for a soft + subtle glow in all the right places).
    • Last, but not least, a beautiful glossy lip. I’m developing lip products + currently experimenting in the lab (i.e.: my kitchen!) + wearing a beautifully soft rose lip balm tinted from organic beets! It’s the perfect color for a rosy pout.

11:30 am: Meeting in Brooklyn at Toby’s with athleisure brand for an upcoming event + product launch.



12:30 pm: Back home for a quick minute + time for lunch! Today on the menu, Turmeric Toast + Salad w|Creamy Cashew Ranch Dressing. I love turmeric, I use it on almost everything I eat, it’s amazing for the body + so incredible for glowing skin - it’s a natural anti-inflammatory. The creamy cashew ranch dressing is seriously good. It’s spicy + tangy + SO delicious! This makes me want to eat salads more often, I’m normally not satisfied by eating leafy greens, but this certainly leaves me feeling full + happy.


1:30 pm: Into the city for a meeting at Condé Nast with Brides + Self Magazine. I love visiting Condé, it’s always a fun time + lots of exciting things in the works!


3:30 pm: Back to Brooklyn for a quick change (shoes) + late afternoon snack + juice at my favorite juice spot in BK – Grass Roots Juicery. I use this location as my office a couple days a week. It’s quiet during the daytime, spacious, + close to home. Answer more emails + brainstorm about potential partnerships for a menswear client I’m working with. Current project: upcoming sneaker release...!


5:00 pm: HOME + taking a quick minute to chill. Cruising Instagram (naturally) + watching Netflix – “The Great British Baking Show” (guilty pleasure because the accents + delicious sweets, it’s addictive + I have a small crush on Paul – he’s one of the judges, a total silver fox).


5:30 pm: Early supper. Sakara Life Chili w|Cornbread! A dinnertime dream for this girl. I grew up in the south, so I really appreciate a hearty meal that’s comforting + filling without making me feel like I need to do a three-day juice cleanse afterwards.


6:30 pm: BACK INTO THE CITY, lol. My day is generally spent hopping across the East River several times a day. Meeting my boyfriend at MoMA to see the fashion exhibit, “Is Fashion Modern?”



9:00 pm: BACK TO BROOKLYN! Rowdy night, early bedtime for us kids. ;P

Sleepover at my Love’s. Change into his pj’s, wash face + unwind. Watch Netflix in bed – start the “Meyerowitz Stories,” kinda funny, but slow moving – don’t finish. Last but not least, before bedtime, I take my Sakara Life Superfood Chocolate Probiotics (it’s really hard to only take just one. It’s basically candy.) + 5 full droppers of the Detox Water Concentrate. This makes me feel like I’m really keeping my body clean because it helps eliminates toxins, relieves stress, + of course, helps skin glow, which is what we want. It’s definitely what I want! <3


    • Clean: Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser (High in vitamin C, helps fight fine lines, and disinfects skin).
    • Tone: Biologique Recherche LOTION P50 1970 (same as in the AM)
    • Treat: Retin A (tretinoin cream) by Obagi Medical (helps reduce pore size, fine lines, sun damage, fade acne scars, + overall give skin a baby glow. Definitely use SPF in the AM, as this makes your skin photosensitive. Prescribed by Derm).
    • Mask: I use a lot of different masks given my skin’s needs, but my favorite + go-to for healthy skin is Biologique Recherche MASQUE VIVANT. It’s really smelly, but wow, does it work. It’s basically a super duper dose of probiotics for your skin. It keeps skin healthy, young, fresh, + glowing. You’ll look like you slept for dayzzz when you mask with this. Add baking soda + a tiny bit of water to the mask for an even deeper clean.
    • Eye cream: Repeat AM routine: 1) Mario Badescu Cellufirm Drops, 2) Kiehl's Midnight Recovery, and 3) La Mer moisturizing cream.
    • Neck cream: Repeat AM routine: Mario Badescu Vitamin A-D-E Neck Cream.
    • Hydrate: Moisture, moisture, moisture! Keep it dewy! For PM, I also use elta md PM Therapy. If I’m super dry, or during the winter, I will add in a few drops of Neem Oil. It’s an ancient Ayurvedic remedy for healing + hydrating skin. It’s a wonderful oil for acne prone skin types + actually is antibacterial, so it’s treats + heals the skin – a  winning combo for sure.


11:50 pm: Puts iPhone down and actually attempts to get beauty rest. Turns on 'Sleepstream 2' app and tunes into white noise to take me to dream land. Sets alarm for 6am.





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