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The socially distanced happy hour is now part of our everyday lives. The stories, feelings, and laughs we share there are helping keep our mind, body, and soul fed at this unsettling time. It is more important than ever to pause for a moment to celebrate and cultivate these relationships. Preferably with something delicious to drink and a healthful, indulgent snack. 

We gathered our favorite ideas for lively libations and nourishing nibbles that you can enjoy at your next virtual gathering. Filled with hydrating plants and fruits and gut-enhancing nutrients and sprinkled with more than a few superfoods, these recipes go way beyond your average bar food. Treat yourself to any of these and feel the warmth and joy that comes from truly nurturing the body and the bonds that unite us. 

Life-Giving Cocktails 

Life is about balance. Especially at this time when our sense of home and community is being morphed into something new each day, it’s important to find joy in small moments, including the occasional spirited indulgence. Below are our go-to elixirs for when we want to indulge our spirits while nourishing our bodies.

Sedona Sunset Margarita 

Our signature cocktail is inspired by the Red Rocks of Sedona, where the sunsets come technicolor and the drinks come spicy. The mezcal is smoky and smooth, the flavor notes are bright and citrus-y, and each sip is loaded with anti-inflammatory turmeric. 

Desert Rose Cocktail

Taking a moment to celebrate even the smallest victories (such as making it through the week in one piece!) reenergizes the spirit. And doing so with a spicy, smoky beverage made with restorative foods and compounds? Even better. This drink features our Beauty Water Drops, which delivers 72 ionic minerals, including silica: one of the minerals that our bodies need most to support healthy, glowing skin.

The Pineapple Kiss 

Vitamin C-rich Pineapple meets anti-inflammatory mint, with a smooch of tequila. This is an island-inspired recipe for anyone who thrives on summer’s fiery radiance: think tequila sunrises, steamy summer nights, and epic sunsets.


Cherry Crush Cocktail

This fruity fizz made from dark cherries, fresh mint, sparkling rosé, and Beauty Water Drops is the ultimate detox/retox in a glass. There are anthocyanins in the cherries, digestion support from the mint, and 72 ionic minerals for ultra-hydration and glow. Top it off with a 5-o’clock-friendly rosé, and you've got the perfect drink to cheers with at happy hour.

More Easy, Breezy Cocktail Ideas

Ahead of your happy hour, share these fruit-inspired cocktails with friends, whose looks and taste belie their simplicity and ease.

Satisfying Snacks
The siren call for delicious snacks is strong, especially when you’re relegated to your home for the foreseeable future. Everything you consume can be an opportunity for body-loving nutrition, cocktail foods included. We rounded up some of our favorite bites that deliver nourishing ingredients, satisfying taste, and envy-inducing presentation.

Spicy Green Protein Crackers

These seedy protein crackers have a rich, rounded flavor thanks to a mix of cumin, garlic, fennel, and rosemary. They cleverly use plant parts that are often discarded, like parsley stems, greens from beets and radishes, or greens about to go bad. Plant fiber is a source of prebiotics for the microbiome, meaning your snack will help with digestion, bloat, and gut health. 



Avocado is one of our favorite sources of healthy fats. Both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats increase HDL (beneficial cholesterol) and are the critical building blocks of the brain. This spicy, party food-therapy is simple and straightforward and can be adapted to fit your preferred spice level. After all, it’s all for you, so season it how you like. 


Garden Pearl Mushroom Wraps

This easy-to-make wrap is one of our favorite ways to showcase mushrooms’ hearty earthiness, and it’s perfect for making ahead if you have a full week of video gatherings. It’s completely satisfying yet light and energizing thanks to heaps of sautéed mushrooms, a potent ginger-onion spread, and sweet-savory maple-marinated tempeh.

Pickled Watermelon Radishes

Watermelon radishes (and all radishes in general) are some of the Earth's most skin-healing foods. So think of them as a canape and beauty treatment in one. What’s more, they could not be an easier snack to whip up for a last-minute invite. Pickle them in vinegar and honey for some gut-healing probiotics. 


Pulled Butternut Squash Tacos With Black Beans

What’s a better compadre to our Sedona Sunset Margarita than a plate of easy, breezy tacos that are filled with sweet butternut squash and paired with jazzed-up black beans?  Make them as spicy or as mild as you like. 


Fermented Veggies

This DIY snack checks all the boxes: it prevents waste by extending the shelf life of fresh produce, is an easy way to up your intake of gut-friendly probiotics—which will support your all-important immune system—and is a colorful twist on the party standby, crudité.

Abundance Platter

Need to feed your quarantine party mates or just want a feast to dazzle your friends? Create this lavish, nourishing food board. There are recipes for four kinds of decadent probiotic-infused nut cheese that taste like heaven on Sakara Chia Tortillas. Add your favorite vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, cucumbers, apples, grapes, and pomegranate, for color and crunch. 

Outsource Your Snacks

Inject happy hour with superfood power in the form of chia seeds, sprouted sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, seaweed, ashwagandha, and dark chocolate. These nutrient-rich, shelf-stable foods will alleviate stress, lift your mood, and make your skin glow, and you can find them all in our ready-to-eat savory and sweet snacks, which satisfy and soothe any time.

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