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Humans are like sponges—absorbing external energies, the 24-hour news cycle, the moods of lovers and strangers. It begs the question: How can we be more intentional about what we let in our orbit?

We’re not only woven by the foods we eat; what we think, read, watch, and experience also create our reality. This knowledge inspired Conscious Consumption, a space to celebrate and share thought-provoking content that fulfills us—the everything else we purposefully take in, beyond food.

It’s no cosmic accident that “The Sakara Life Podcastlaunched during this time of uncertainty; more than ever, it’s powerful to hold space for community, lean into the unknown, and uplift spirits through conversation. Alongside our newest manifestation, we’re sharing a lineup of podcasts that also contribute to the collective “light,” cutting through the reactive state of fear and turmoil. The subject matter, perspectives, and voices are diverse, but each pod has the ability to shift your current mood into something more hopeful. Because even through darkness, there’s always opportunity to seek levity, joy, and a sense of togetherness. 


Seek to: Expand Your Consciousness

The Sakara Life Podcast

For years, founders and co-CEOs of Sakara Life, Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle, hosted intimate gatherings in NYC and LA called “Sakara Sessions.” The seats were packed, the natural wine flowed, and the panel topics ranged from nutrigenomics to sex, epigenetics to psychic intuition. Now, these whip-smart, provocative conversations are available worldwide with the launch ofThe Sakara Life Podcast”. Danielle and Whitney chat with industry leaders and culture disruptors—Arianna Huffington, Gabby Bernstein, and Mark Hyman to name a few—to talk about everything from ghosts to gut health, in an effort to pull you out of the everyday and embrace your curiosities. 



Seek to: Have Some Perspective

StarTalk Radio” 

While systems and structures feel on shaky ground, use this societal pause as an opportunity to think existentially. Have you ever stopped to realize that we’re residing on a tiny rock orbiting in the vast universe? If that idea grounds and fascinates you, like Danielle, then we recommend astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “StarTalk Radio”. Each episode is an hour-long exploration into space, science, and the stars. It provides an opportunity to “zoom out” from our current circumstances, and feel awestruck by the infinite. 



Seek to: Find Deeper Meaning in Your Beauty Routine

Naked Beauty

Brooke DeVard, host of “Naked Beauty”, understands the connection between a fulfilling self-care regimen and the inner power it facilitates. Here, she chats with influential people who define beauty on their own terms, and share how they navigate their experiences through the means of presentation. Going far beyond makeup tutorials or product reviews, Brooke sheds light on the thought process behind a person’s self-expression. 



Seek to: Use this Alone Time to Examine Your Pleasure 

The Heart

Centered around intimacy, “The Heart” is a podcast about “all the invisible things in the air between humans.” Candid conversations abound, with topics including power dynamics, sexual boundaries, and deciphering your own pleasure. Draw a bath, light some candles, and settle in for unfiltered storytelling and arty ASMR



Seek to: Escape the News for Some Deep, Belly Laughs

Las Culturistas

Comedian Matt Rogers and SNL darling, Bowen Yang, provide a guaranteed laugh when one more Twitter scroll might send you over the edge. The two break down pop culture moments of past and present, with a hilarious spin. Best of all, their friendship is so palpable that you’ll feel a part of a community even amid self-isolation. 



Seek to: Remember our Messy Humanness 


The premise of this show is an unusual one: comedian Chris Gethard calls a stranger and chats with them for one hour. Secrets and wild stories inevitably unfold. The result, as a listener, is the chance to be a fly on the wall in someone’s complicated dramas, both big and small. It’s a beautiful reminder that we are all just icebergs drifting around, our depths out of sight; there’s always an opportunity to bring more empathy and compassion to even the simplest interactions.

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