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What is the very first thing you do when you wake up?

I wake Zen up for a good cuddle then we wake my husband up together with lots of kisses :).  


Do you have a morning elixir/tea/coffee ritual you love?

My husband always makes ginger tea with lemon first thing in the AM. I don't have coffee until I'm at the office.  


Do you have any supplements you take in the AM?

Prenatal, fermented cod liver oil and Sakara Probiotic Blend


When getting ready-- what are the products you use in your AM skincare routine? Do you have any extra steps for prenatal care, and caring for your belly?

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

Biologique Recherche P50

Tata Harper Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil

Kejiwa Jasmine Spray 

Susanne Kaufmann Face Fluid Line F

Right now I'm trying out the new Hatch belly oil. It comes in a beautiful bottle and I like that it's fast absorbing, so I can get dressed right after. 


Instead of answering emails and getting swamped by your inbox, what is your ideal way to start the morning?

I try to wait until I leave the house before looking at my phone or emails. I love waking up slowly and staying in the moment before being reminded of all there is to get done! I usually do some prenatal stretching, some pelvic floor exercises, say my mantras while taking deep breaths all before getting ready. It helps me feel grounded and ready for my day. 


Do you have any mantras you like to practice?

Right now it's "with every breath I take, I vibrate with more love and become more in-tune with myself, my intuition and my baby"


What does “Eat Pretty" mean for you?

It means having a beautiful relationship with your body and your plate. I struggled with body image issues and food for so long that food became the enemy for me. It was always about calories, carbs, points or pounds. It's such a stark contrast to where I am now with Sakara and food. I enjoy my meals and I love how I feel in my body. To me, that's eating pretty and knowing food is my medicine. 


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