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Sakara exists at the intersection of science and spirit. Filling our bodies and plates with plants is deeply nourishing to the body and soul—something we know from experience that's been confirmed time and again by the latest research.

Deborah Hanekamp works beyond our realm. She's an intuitive, a healer, and as she blesses and protects her clients' auras, she needs unadulterated clarity. Her path as Mama Medicine has led her to a diet abundant in plants and she continues to nourish this way not only from a physical standpoint, but from a deeply spiritual place as well. We spoke to Deborah about her ability to reach dimensions beyond the typical human— and the mindful diet that is required to support that.  

Join next week and discover for yourself what eating plant-based can do for your mind, body and spirit.



Why do you personally eat plants? 

For me, it’s health based and honestly spiritual because plants can regenerate themselves. It feels more compassionate to me personally than eating meat. I also just really love animals so I don’t want to eat them! 


How does plant-based eating work with healings and what you practice?

Eating a plant-based diet helps me to feel more energized and focused during Medicine Readings. I also feel that my diet helps me to cleanse my energy at the end of the day. 


What is a change you can see from focusing on nutritious, mindful food? 

I eat slower and more ceremoniously now, whereas before it was just about feeling full. 


What's the biggest myth about eating plant-based you'd love to bust?

Most herbalists and acupuncturists I’ve seen say things like, “you need to eat meat because you are blood deficient”, or the whole “not getting enough protein” thing... but there are so many awesome ways to get plant-based protein and be nutritionally balanced. Life Source, for example, is a great option. A lot of people turn to herbalists because they believe in the healing power of plants, only to be told they need to start eating meat. I’m so excited when I speak to herbalists or acupuncturists and I tell them I’m plant based and they are like, “ok, we can work with that.” 


What's always in your fridge/ pantry? 

Sunflower seed butter & Sakara Beauty Water Drops. My family loves it! 


Favorite plant-based dishes or ingredients and why?

Everything at Sakara because I feel the love and intention it was made with. 


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