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We include our signature Detox Tea with every Sakara delivery for a reason. Made with South African red Rooibos, lemongrass, and rose, this medicinal blend fights aging, supports liver and kidneys, and calms the adrenals. It is a secret weapon to remedy the daily onslaught of toxins that inevitably find us...especially during the summer season. The late nights. The porch cocktails, the extra helping at the barbecue. 

And there's no reason not to enjoy the 100 percent caffeine- and stimulant-free beverage in the warmer months. For a summer version, we love whipping up large pitchers of iced tea using the sun's energy. Just fill a carafe, let it soak up some rays for a few hours and sip slowly...preferably lying in the grass or lounging in a hammock. 




 (Makes 8 glasses)

  • 6 tea bags of Sakara Detox Tea 
  • fresh mint
  • 1 organic lemon



1. Fill a glass, heatproof container or mason jar with eight cups of water. Add six bags of Sakara Detox Tea.

2. Place the jug in the sun for no less than two hours.

3. Remove tea bags, and pour tea in a carafe or pitcher and refrigerate until chilled.

4. To serve, pour over ice and top with a squeeze of lemon and a sprig or two of fresh mint.



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