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Our newest contributor, Djuna Bel, (stylist, moderate health junkie, facial enthusiast, leggy-blonde and cat lady) gives us the details on the newest craze in the beauty world: the LED light facial. 



As you are well aware, I'm a huge fan of facials and more recently, LED light facials.

One reason might be is because it allows me a 20-minute excuse to lay horizontal...but in all honesty, I really feel like the Illumask has done subtle wonders for my skin. 

I have never battled with severe acne, but I did, however have what I call "baby acne" - teenage clogged pores and uneven skin. Sometimes when I travel a lot (which is all the time for work), drink too much, and eat too much chocolate it starts coming back. When I'm traveling, I like to use the mask's anti-acne light therapy which uses blue and red light to fight the bacteria that cause acne. This thing is so portable, that I even bring it with me for overseas flights and just use it on the plane.

For home use, I like to use the anti-aging phototherapy color which uses red and infrared light to fight aging and fine lines. If you end up purchasing one of the Illumask's without eye holes and sometimes need a way to be forced into meditation (like myself) - it's a perfect excuse to practice a mantra and get in the zone while also getting some serious skin benefits.

Safe to say, I'm a huge proponent of all things LED now and when I'm in NYC, I love popping into HigherDOSE's infrared sauna for a serious 30 minute sweat sesh. I've also heard that the Photon Light Therapy Face Mask is great too (definitely on the scarier side though, read: EYES WIDE SHUT... as far as these LED masks go) Next up? I'll be test driving the NuFace for at-home micro-current facial lifting and toning. :)

Happy 2017! 



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